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what is this chin strap?

Article about: i recently got a ww2 British helmet chin strap online and for some reason they sent me this chinstrap, which is not the one I ordered! can anyone tell me what kind of chin strap it is?

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    I'd say you made out! Standard chinstraps all but grow on trees, but not these, especially if you bought it at a standard chinstrap price.

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    What would be the value of this? I'm trying to determine if I should return it or turn it for a profit.

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    Heck, I'll trade you two unissued british chinstraps for that one.

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    Might put on classifieds or eBay, just need a price range. From what's said, it seems like a good strap!

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    Lets put it this way, I paid 12, do you guys think I can double my money?

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    I would think you could. Let me know what you want to do with it...still interested.

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    still considering what to do with it, i will think it over for a bit, might put in classifieds.

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