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ww2/1 british helmet

Article about: If you are asking me what I think the helmet is worth in it's present condition I believe as Russ stated earlier between \\$20 and\\$25 dollars US currency would be all you could expect to sell

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    Default ww2/1 british helmet

    Hello, hello
    I am new to the forum
    Yesterday I walked around the flea market.
    And I saw a British helmet shell, I wanted to buy it and it cost $ 30, I dropped to 15 dollars and bought.
    This helmet no have liner and strap .
    My questions are
    eins. I bought at a good price? $ 15
    zvei. how moeny the helmet is worth in the current situation?
    drei. Can I do anything with her, or leave it in the collection helmets?
    vier. The helmet is not dated, from the time she looks to you?
    If my English is not good, I'm sorry

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    Default Re: ww2/1 british helmet

    Thats an American Brodie helmet.You can tell by the chinstrap rivets.On the US helmets the rivets are solid and the British are split rivets.
    It would date from the ww1 period.
    I think you may have trouble sourcing an original liner for it.
    Still, nice for $15!

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    Default Re: ww2/1 british helmet

    First of all welcome to the forum and my first question are there any markings present on the inside of this helmet such as (G.S.W. /DP&H) on the back .There is a possibility that it could be a canadian helmet .As to worth I have paid that much before for a helmet shell if they are in good condition as they are a little easier to come by here in Canada.Lots of times I will see helmet shells that are damaged deented and all the finish wore offas they were the favorite play toy of many a child after the war and for many years there after.And have had to take two helmets and put them together to make one.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: ww2/1 british helmet

    thanks you and you
    So this helmet from World War I?
    And you can appreciate, please, how much money helmet worth?

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    Default Re: ww2/1 british helmet

    It looks to be an American M1917 "Doughboy" helmet, judging from the rivits, as has already been pointed out. It's a clean shell so you got it for a fair price but I don't think the resale would be much more..$20-$25 tops maybe. Still plenty of these shells floating around. Add a liner and you've got some value but your going to be hard pressed to find a good liner for sale. As for war use, you cant tell as these were used by the US right up until the start of WWII, some even saw service early in the war before the M-1 where issued.

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    Default Re: ww2/1 british helmet


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    Default Re: ww2/1 british helmet

    try these guy's...Military Reproductions...they make a great repop liner for your lid.

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    Default Re: ww2/1 british helmet

    Thank you, some like this helmet is worth, and how much it will be worth with a liner and brought strap?

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    Default Re: ww2/1 british helmet

    That would depend on if you put a reproduction liner and strap compared to original and you also have to take into consideration that some collectors only purchase and collect all original and unmessed with helmets and other military items . I would suggest that maybe you look around at different seller sites or E-bay for a price comparision to see what they are actually selling for.

    Regards Mark K

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    Default Re: ww2/1 british helmet

    Thank you, but never answered my question
    Some helmet worth her ​​condition?

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