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ww2 Glider pilot training Helmet!!!!!!

Article about: This isn't really my thing but was curious as there are 2 available on ebay by differant sellers,are these the real deal and are these rare birds as I've hardly seen any in the past forsale,

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    great Aaron,many thanks for the pics,so was the rag-pulp discontinued when the GP became available?roughly how rare are these pulp versions?and finally how long were they in service,just researching as i know of someone just sold something either the same or very simular for stupid money.

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    No answers I'm afraid. just more questions.
    Did the A.M suddenly think we need head protection and started using the HCDR, or were they only a special order and they were only marked with the A.M. Most likely both, plus did the pilot only use the helmet with headphones, or not?
    But they do go for a good price if you can prove they were used by the GP.

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    Default Glider Pilot Regiment Helmets

    It seems almost the norm for vendors to offer these leather NFS helmets as Glider Pilot Regiment helmets, and like Aaron, I have never seen any evidence of them being used as such, As they lack both head phones (necessary for keeping in touch with the glider tug) and the Air Ministry stamp, the attribution seems at best to be wishful thinking.
    Here are photos of the most usually encountered GPR helmet. The body is the same as the fibre Helmet Crash Royal Armoured Corps.

    ww2 Glider pilot training Helmet!!!!!!ww2 Glider pilot training Helmet!!!!!!ww2 Glider pilot training Helmet!!!!!!ww2 Glider pilot training Helmet!!!!!!ww2 Glider pilot training Helmet!!!!!!ww2 Glider pilot training Helmet!!!!!!

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