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Ww2 original british helmet?

Article about: Hi, I have this helmet, I think it is british, but something is very strange (for me). The liner is different from the others that I can see online and the chin strap, in my opinion, is an i

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    I have already commented on this helmet on another forum and I also mentioned that the 57 is almost certainly a metric size so the liner at least is not British WWII in date IMHO.

    An interesting helmet and somewhat of an enigma, but probably post war used by a nation other than Britain.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    I had a niggling doubt when I said they only dated liners with 19--, in 1940-41 when there was a shortage of helmets due to the loss of France & the growing army,ARP & home guard. In those years there was a massive push to produce helmets & liners, & you will find many unknown maker stamps on liners. Some used just the last two digits 41 or 42, but by 1942 on wards things got back to normal & it just left the well known makers who always stamped 19--.
    By 1944 I think there was only VERO, BMB, CCl, & FFL who made liners, unless someone knows differently.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ww2 original british  helmet?   Ww2 original british  helmet?  

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    Thanx for the additional info Aaron unfortunately I do not think we are any closer on this one it is a bit of an enigma as mentioned by Jerry a very curious helmet configuration indeed.

    Regards Mark K

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