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1/35 scale British Valentine in Soviet service, lend lease tank.

Article about: Hi All, All the photos of my models posted so far have all been of old models built years ago and it's been a while since I posted here and at least ten years since I last built and painted

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    Nicely done.
    I really like the way you did the weathering and highlites.
    As someone who has shaky hands, I can appreciate the amount of
    patience and sometimes frustration that goes into a project like this.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Very nicely done, a lot of work has gone into that. I wonder what the Soviets thought of the Valentine?
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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