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1970s Toy Soldiers

Article about: Hey guys, Had these stored in a box for a few years. Thought I would share... German army. British army. American army. Annoyed from this ads?   1971. They have seen a bit of action.

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    nice one mate.
    mine were all blown up by firecrackers and death rays.
    they took on the transformers and lost.
    some are probably still in the garden somewhere where i grew up....
    remember the ones that had parachutes?
    they came tied on their backs.... those were awesome.

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    Ahh god we used to capture our friends soldiers and build a camp in the dirt with our trucks/tanks etc. and burn the POW's in our stick tree of "Whoa" --in my kid days we had a fun "Cold War" ahh the fond memories!!

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    The parachute guys!! Of course! Roll'em up and peg'em in the air as high as you could and hope they deploy...hehehe

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    Anyone ever tie fireworks rockets to model airplanes and try to achieve rocket-powered flight?

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    Anyone ever tie fireworks rockets to model airplanes and try to achieve rocket-powered flight?
    Hi Glenn, no never thought if that one, how did it go????? Only tried blowing then up with Bangers.
    Regards SK

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    It was dangerous! (very easy to burn fingers) They didn't like taking off from the ground so had to be thrown hence hands tended to get in the way of the 2000C exhaust!

    My best effort was in the sacrifice of one of those hand-built from balsa wood with tissue paper covering, wind-up rubber band models. I had a model Hurricane, attached the rocket, wound up the rubber band, lit the fuse and launched hard. As the model struggled along under the weight of the rocket the rocket ignited and the model went ballistic! Lots of smoke and very cool I have to say!

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    Hi Glenn, sounds like a young Werner experimenting to me. Excellent like youthful fun.
    Regards SK

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    I tried a plastic model bomber with 2 rockets from a launch pad.
    i remember thinking it is going to fly like a bat outta hell and look
    really cool.
    it flew alright, for 3m then cart wheeled into the gutter and down
    the drain and exploded!!
    That was still cool but the stealth bomber was a write off.
    i have plans to build a tail gunner turret for my son in place of a tree
    house or a trench and bunker combo.
    people say it's crazy, but i wish my dad did it for me.
    the best thing dad did was paint war sences from memory and a couple
    i asked for.
    my sons room has a pill box view of d-day and my war room has
    a couple of dads darker ones.
    A black one with a bit of red- searching for body at night in the water. Vietnam.
    and a patrol boat sneaking in up river at dusk. Vietnam.

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    Back in the EARLY 1960s, I had a big bucket of the
    little green army men.

    Nowdays, I only have this one. An Elastolin machine
    gunner from the late 30's or 40's.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1970s Toy Soldiers  
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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    Yes, I remember Army Men well. Mine were plastic 1960's
    Marx type - some with with removable heads and
    torsos - had Cowboys and Indians too.

    Unfortunately, most succumed to the .177 or
    were taken off by the neighbor kids.........


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