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2 inch mortar

Article about: I only had the tail so I made the bomb.

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    Navyman, lovely collection there. Thanks for sharing picture. I believe No.1 is indeed para-illumination.


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    Hello Martyn,
    Yes, I'm sure you are right, the HE's have a longer body. If you happen to find a coarse thredded base cap, or the elusive PARA tin front cap, I'd like to buy/swap one?
    All best,

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    I'll have a good look through my armaments box for you but don't get too hyped up. The ex did the nasty and threw alot of my stuff away and I'm still finding things gone after 6 years!

    Anyway (seething now!), if there's one there, there'll be a dozen and I'd gladly send one for you.


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    Many thanks Martyn,
    all best,

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    Sorry it's been so long. Sorry but I've none at all. All my other mortar tails have gone too along with many of my other pieces. I'm trying to talk my missus into a few days in Wales at the moment (with some hidden agendas ).

    Hate to cause dissapointment bud.


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    No problem Martyn,
    Thanks for looking out for me. Hope you have a good time in Wales, take a good sleeping bag if you are planning to play on the Brecons!
    All best,

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    The Brecons no more for me! Cold, wet 'n 'orrible ha ha.

    Keeping my eyes open for you anyway because as you know, things turn up in the strangest of places.


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    I changed my mortar to a stumpy one...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 2 inch mortar  

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