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Totally agree with Nick. I have built in all 3 scales and although I prefer 1:35 for the reasons mentioned by Dave, I have had some good results with 1:72.
Of course, having an airbrush helps with painting the camo, but there's nothing wrong with a brush. Painted that way for yonks before finally buying an airbrush.
The size of the 1:35 armour makes dioramas pretty large, so for them I prefer the smaller scale.


The only one painted by airbrush is the Famo, rest all hand painted.

wow they look great, I only have limited colors and I lost the instructions... Ill treat this as a trial run and then switch to 1/35 scale.
There is a hobby store that is a bit far from me that when I make there I will pick out a bunch of paint and maybe a new model. I would like to do a PZIV with crew.