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rc aircraft

Article about: Just a few photos of my model aircraft collection that i have built over the last few years for anyone who is interested cheers.

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    Smile rc aircraft

    Just a few photos of my model aircraft collection that i have built over the last few years for anyone who is interested cheers.

    rc aircraftrc aircraftrc aircraftrc aircraftrc aircraftrc aircraftrc aircraftrc aircraft

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    love the stuka.

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    Nice SE 5.A !! I'd be too reluctant to fly them after all that work.

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    Very nice models, and great attention to detail. Well done!
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    Sweet! I'd love to see that Stuka in a steep dive! Does it 'Whistle' like the real ones?

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    These are great!
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    Love 'em all, you are very skillful!...
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    Thanks for the replys lads, quick update on models. Sadly the Stuka dived into the ground from 100 feet on maiden flight , major damage but rebuilt. On second flight engine cut just after take off, tip stalled then hit ground ,written off in ensuing crash . SE5A sold to editor of RCM&A Magazine. Waiting to maiden the triplane and chipmunk, cheers.

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    Super awesome planes, I love them. Oddly, I had an RC Stuka about the same size as yours. Mine was extremely unstable in flight. I only got to fly it three times, when it crashed while landing and was destroyed beyond repair. I had a real pilot say he thought it was the oversized wings on the narrow fuselage that caused the instability. I'm not sure, but I do wonder if the real Stukas were that hard to fly.

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    Lovely models, but the flying characteristics of the Stuka seem to be doomed on RC models, I remember in my youth at Weston Supermare , watching a guy fly a very large home built Stuka, he took it out over the beach , then did a couple of dives, which went very well, he then got it to drop a bomb which burst on the sand with white powder flying out of it, took it up pretty high and did another dive which did,nt do as well, he lost control and it smashed into the sand and blew up, just like a real one, by the time he got to it it was a burning mess, I really felt for the guy seeing him wait and then pick up what pieces he could, it was a total loss

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