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Some Of My Kits

Article about: Yeah thats the one , over here its weekly plus i dont subscribe or pay DD, I pay on a weekly basis so if i want to stop at any time i can, it may be expensive in the long run but its somethi

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    Default Some Of My Kits

    Hey Chaps i thought i would share with you some of my collection of kits

    First is A 1:32 Scale Sea Venom

    Fokker DVII 1:28 scale Revell

    1:32 scale Vacuform CAC Boomerang

    A 1:32 scale P40E converted to a N Model

    Spitfire VC 1:32 Hasegawa

    1:32 scale Westland Wirlwind Vacuform Kit

    Spitfire Mk24 1:32 Matchbox

    1:24 scale Airfix Fw190 A4

    And Lastly a 1:48 Avro Lancaster


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    Default Re: Some Of My Kits

    Nice models,is the Sea Venom a variation of the Vampire jet?

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    Default Re: Some Of My Kits

    Hi zwerge Yes it is

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    Default Re: Some Of My Kits

    Nice kits.

    That Whirlwind is a rare bird indeed

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Some Of My Kits

    Very nice set of aircraft and well modelled, paint schemes especially, any more in the pipe line

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    Default Re: Some Of My Kits

    Thanks For The Comments Guys as, for the Wirlwind Steve its the Old ID Kit very Basic blob of plastic when you start.I have about 300 kits built in my collection and and another hundred or so unbuilt in my stash,i dont get much time to build these days,but i will put some more up later for you to view.


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    Default Re: Some Of My Kits

    Hi Studly, where the hell do you keep them all, in a hangar?,, I once knew a chap called Peter Farlow, who had the second largest collection of plastic aircraft i n the world, over two thousand built, and another 1500 still in boxes, the most impressive one i saw was an american kit of a 1/24th mustang which was completely transparent, all the internal workings, spars, wiring, guns cockpit controls were all visible, he used to make models for customers all over the world, he owned part of a factory warehouse which is where he stored his collection and people were allowed to view it twice a year.

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    Default Re: Some Of My Kits

    Hi davejb i have all my kits in converted wardrobes that i have put shelving into. my Kids managed to get in and trash a couple and i wasnt real impressed with that...had to dig a couple of pits lol but i have locks on the doors now

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    Default Re: Some Of My Kits

    Over here,we have a magazine that combines a 1/35 wooden and metal Lancaster bomber, its a real ballbreaker, but you build it nearly to the specs of the real aircraft, struts, wiring, dials ,knobs, internal seating and radio operator positions , pilots areas, you name it its there, even positioning the heads of bolts that are about 1mm in diameter, its in weekly parts so it will take about a year to build, im also doing a 1/16th tiger tank in the same way but thats mostly metal

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    Default Re: Some Of My Kits

    Hi davejb is that the one that comes out with a magazine every fortnight? i did see it advertised out here at one stage very expensive too


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