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Excellent work Jason. Well done and thanks for sharing your skills with us. Do you plan on adding figures?


Hi Carl, Well I would like to, as they help give a sense of scale, plus they all come with figures, just my figure painting skills are not up to scratch quite yet.

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Tamiya paint delivers a very nice color range and usually produces splendid results.
I used to use Tamiya exclusively, and they do spray well, but I found them harder to get the mix right and cleanup. Also to brush on they then to drag as they dry very quick.

When I started up again I gave Vajello a try as people seemed to like them and honestly they are awesome. They go on well and dry quick, but are the best paints to brush on. I used the model air range which is pre thinned for the airbrush and since the bottles are in a dropper form its easy to add paint to the brush on the fly and cleanup. They work very well as brush paints as well and by no means to thin. Only trouble I have had with them is they dont chip well with a chipping solution.