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Article about: Great work Francie I have made the smaller scale U Boats and always fancied making a 1:72 but lack of space was the problem. First class ! Nick

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    Default U552

    Here's my attempt at Revell's 1/72 U552. At 3' long it's a brute. It was painted using Lifecolor and Humbrol paints. It just needs the jumping wires and some figures added.

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    Hi mate, looks fantastic.
    Great detail, the paint looks great.
    Great work.

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    That's a good job. The weathering looks very authentic, how long did it take you?

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    Wow I like it. Like Adrian said how long did it take you?


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    Thats a very detailed model you have there Francie, excellent work, the weathering is terrific, i dont know where there are 1/72 U-Boat crew though, you might have to improvise if theres none out there

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    Very nice, just as nice as the Fokker Dr.1 you posted before.

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    Incredible weathering, rust stains, and dinged paint. Fantastic looking sub!


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    Nice Job there Old Boy and i love the weathering you have given it


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    Nice model there mate.

    BTW, the firm Czech Masters do some 1/72 figures based around this model if that is any help, failing that you could try Hecker & Goros Zinnfiguren as I believe that they also do some as well.
    Alternatively there is the old standby of converting some figures to suit!

    Regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    i dont see any pics!!

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