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Adolf Eichmann "Rendition" Power of Attorney

Article about: It is a pity about the damage to the document: Lot Detail - Nazi Leader Adolf Eichmann Power of Attorney Signed -- During His Extradition From Argentina to Israel to Stand Trial For War Crim

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    Im trying to find out myself...i came across it the other day but was unable to find the original source..the site also had photos of the grand mufti with Hitler..just found these links,they explain a would appear this photo was taken in 1937,the year Eichmann was there
    Alonei Abba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    The grand mufti would explain it.
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    Quite interesting. I must admit I hadn't been aware of this, but searching for info on this, I came up with this (German language) article...:

    Nazis in Palästina: "Es ist schon eine ganz nette Hitlergemeinde hier" - SPIEGEL ONLINE

    ...according to which, the Nazis were very active in pre-1939 Palestine: One third of the German settlers there were NSDAP party members. The Haifa Hitler youth chapter offered courses in Hebrew and there was even an NSDAP Ortsgruppe Jerusalem (Part of the Landesgruppe der NSDAP in Palästina)!

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    I believe that Eichmann was sent to Jerusalem to investigate the possibility of collaborating with Zionist leaders to deport German Jews to Palestine. There were quite a few prominent Zionists that supported such a move.

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    A very interesting article, thank you for posting the link. So Eichmann would not have been out of place visiting Palestine as it would first seem.
    I collect, therefore I am.

    Nothing in science can explain how consciousness arose from matter.

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    This is off-topic, but there was also a fairly large HJ/BDM group in Shanghai, China.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bundesarchiv_Bild_137-049297,_HJ_in_China,_Lager_Ostern.jpg 
Views:	54 
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ID:	645042
    (Image from the Bundesarchiv)

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    What an astounding twist to the story - the persons posing with the flag and subsequent background info.

    Thanks for link, HPL.

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    My German is not good enough to know if this is in the HPL link..but for English only speakers "Eichmann travelled to British Mandatory Palestine with his superior Herbert Hagen in 1937 to assess the possibility of Germany's Jews voluntarily emigrating to that country, disembarking with forged press credentials at Haifa, whence they travelled to Cairo in Egypt. There they met Feival Polkes, an agent of the Haganah, with whom they were unable to strike a deal.[28] Polkes suggested that more Jews should be allowed to leave under the terms of the Haavara Agreement, but Hagen refused, surmising that a strong Jewish presence in Palestine might lead to their founding an independent state, which would run contrary to Reich policy.[29] Eichmann and Hagen attempted to return to Palestine a few days later, but were denied entry after the British authorities refused them the required visas.[30]" Adolf Eichmann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Food for thought......

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    Quote by StefanM View Post
    So do you think the signature is authentic?
    I NEVER say something's authentic without seeing the original piece, but everything about it indicates it's fine. Note also Servatius' stamp at top.

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