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Americans in the Waffen SS

Article about: Here is a list of Americans who fought with the Waffen SS , many Americans of German descent fought for the States but here are some who returned to their original roots. Charles MacDonald (

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    This Guy was definitely an Uber Walt!!!

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    Quote by Ash Riding View Post
    A further titbit on the BFC , on the 22nd of march they where ordered to move to the HQ of the Nordland div at Angermunde , from there they where sent to join the divisional armoured recon batt ( 11 . ss - panzer - Aufklarunsabteilung ) in Grussow . It was here that the BFC where to nearly go into combat but where pulled out in April before any combat was seen .
    On the 19th April the BFC had a surprise in the form of a man called Douglas Berneville - claye dressed in a black ss tank uniform with the rank of Hauptsturmfuhrer who had come to lead the BFC into battle . This didnot happen as cooper basically told him to go away . Claye was the only member of the BFC to of been an officer in A squadron 1 SAS .
    Not sure where Adrian Weale gets his info from , on 22nd March Nordland were in the process of reforming after the withdrawal from the Alddamm bridgehead , they were in the area south west of Stettin , German sources only state that during the first days of april a small squad of British volunteers who had been assigned to SS Panzer Auf Abt 11 were returned to the Korps Staff to carry out a medical role.

    That's it nothing about Steiner inspecting the BFK or a Hauptsturmfuhrer being given command , what sources does Weale quote in his book ?
    The gates of hell were opened and we accepted the invitation to enter" 26/880 Lance Sgt, Edward Dyke. 26th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers , ( 3rd Tyneside Irish )

    1st July 1916

    Thought shall be the harder , heart the keener,
    Courage the greater as our strength faileth.
    Here lies our leader ,in the dust of his greatness.
    Who leaves him now , be damned forever.
    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
    But lie at his feet , in the dust with our leader

    House Carles at the Battle of Hastings

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    Hi Paul, Stewy,

    Stewy, I found a website that listed all the non-German "members" who joined the waffen SS. I came across this site so late at night some months ago. I wrote down thir names adn alleged ranks and such from the site. Ill see if I can find that list and post it.

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