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Barkmann's corner

Article about: What was called " Barkmann's corner "?, Why is not documented in the records of the allies ? thank you

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    Default Barkmann's corner

    What was called " Barkmann's corner "?, Why is not documented in the records of the allies ? thank you
    Barkmann's corner

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    I don't believe there is a definitive answer to your question, but this has been discussed on the Axis forum Barkmann's Corner - Axis History Forum , a good starting point.

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    It's the location where the action took place following which Ernst Barkmann was awarded the RK , it has only become known as Barkmanns corner to historians post war , plus to the allies it was just another armour engagement during the fighting west of St LO . No one on the allied side had heard of Barkmann until the Battles of Normandy were studied in greater depth after the war.

    The same with Wittmann and Villers Bocage , no one from the 4 CLY , 22 Armoured Brigade or 7 Armoured Div had a clue who Wittmann was or that it was he and his Kompanie who had stopped the British advance on 13th June. Dr Clubfoot used the engagement as a massive piec eof German propoganda at the time but again it was only postwar in the west that that the name of Wittmann and Villers Bocage really began to become part of History !!

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    you never know your enemy in war,only after.

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    Josh i have answered your question is there anything else you wish to add ?

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