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Berlin Tour: Help Identifying this Building

Article about: Hi everyone, I was recently in Berlin (for the first time!!) and I did a tour of some sites related to the TR. One of the buildings we stopped by is pictured below (the reddish brick buildin

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    Default Berlin Tour: Help Identifying this Building

    Hi everyone,

    I was recently in Berlin (for the first time!!) and I did a tour of some sites related to the TR. One of the buildings we stopped by is pictured below (the reddish brick building between construction sites; not best quality, apologies). I remember the guide vaguely mentioning that is was connected with Eichmann, and that he organised the transports from this office. Within 2 seconds he moved the group along. Does anyone know more details of this building? It is located close to the former fuhrerbunker site. Any info much appreciated.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    i can tell almost nothing from this photograph. but my guess is that the buildings in your image to the right and left of the building you are asking about are new construction. your building, then, would be this partial facade on Vossstrasse in Berlin:

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    i've looked at its features carefully and they seem to match yours.

    if that is the case, this is a view of part of the building still standing which is at 96 Vossstrasse in Berlin and is the Reich Ministry of Transport. there was a Wilhelmstrasse facade as well. your tour was on Vossstrasse when you took this picture.

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    although many, many more features match, i've highlighted one of them here:

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    i don't know exactly what the tour guide said, but from Eichmann's trial testimonty:

    Eichmann. "This I took the liberty of including in the the points which I sought to put together, from which it would have been possible to get reliable documented material here, and it seems to me that one of the most important points here was to obtain obtain the transport schedules which the Reich Ministry of Transport had drawn up at that time."

    so there is an association between Eichmann and the building you inquire about. perhaps a stronger one than i am able to provide offhand, but he certainly had business there regarding transport needs related to the concentration camps as his own testimony shows.

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    Isn't that the former reich transport building? I thought they pulled it down, but nice to see it preserved

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    most of it is gone. i believe the part along Wilhelmstrasse is gone. this is an entrance that stood on Vossstrasse which remains to this day. the picture shows empty fields where much of the demolished structure formally stood. the buildings in the OPs post are recent constuction. that's my belief anyway.

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    it's interesting that looking at his photo the same bend in the street can be seen as in the aerial shot:

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    Thanks for all your feedback everyone- much appreciated and most interesting.

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    WOW! Very cool, I was in Berlin in 1969-70, and tried to get around to 'see' some of the Riech buildings, much of them have been torn down. Andrews Barracks is the home of the German National Archives. But one row of barracks, the snack bar, the church and the indoor pool still remain.

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