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Best Books on Operation Barbarossa and German campaigns/History

Article about: Hi looking for a good book from the German side of Operation Barbarossa Ive seen a few not sure what to start with, heres a few ive been looking at War without Garlands: Operation Barbarossa

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    Quote by mauser9 View Post
    Your welcome ironcross. Plenty more titles I can suggest if ya need em. Try Amazon if you can for cheap deals. I only recommend the best.
    Cheers, looking for books on the Russian front, i cant find 1941
    Lenningrad is on my list

    Quote by AZPhil View Post
    Just a suggestion for the Gent across the pond. Our library's here(US) will do a search for a title and ISBN for a book and search the country for it and then you do what is called a inter library loan. I have used this to get some of my interest like "Silver wings pinks and greens" I have done this on several reference books that I was interested in and wanted to read before I bought.
    Just my 2 centavos on this subject
    Semper Fi
    Thanks not a bad idear, any links to them books?


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    War Without Garlands is a must have if you are looking to read up on Barbarossa.

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    Quote by mauser9 View Post
    Try Ostkrieg Hitlers war of Extermination in the East by Steven Fritz. Also 1941 by David Stahl. Both are excellent..
    I'll second those - plus the very good ' Operation Barbarossa and Germany's Defeat In The East' by Stahel ( Cambridge 2009 ). As others have mentioned, Kershaw's 'War Without Garlands' is a brilliant amalgam of personal accounts, giving a very vivid and readable account of the invasion.

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    Quite a few good ones out there but I found out it can get expensive. I got smart finally and seized my wife's Kindle. Downloaded Lenningrad and Survivors of Stalingrad this year both for $10 each. Amazon has em cheap if they have been out of print a while. Will suggest more titles if Ironcross or other members are interested.

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