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British Union of Fascists

Article about: Would appreciate thoughts on the authenticity of this British Union of Fascists pin-back badge? These are unfamiliar territory for me so any information will be gratefully received.

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    Absolutely no problem. It appeared at the car boot, so I thought I'd take a punt - thankfully only £4.00. As you say, hope it adds to the fund of knowledge. I might whack it on Ebay (as a repro) to get rid of it. It's not the sort of thing you want knocking round the house!


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    Default A couple of recent BUF fakes

    A couple of recent BUF fakes spotted on ebay and elsewhere.

    The football trophy is a total fantasy item. Although the British Union of Fascists did encourage their members to keep fit and play sports, there was never any such thing as a BUF football league in 1937 or at any other time. The other item is an approximate copy of the pole top of a Fascist standard. Although similar items did exist, their method of construction is significantly different and, in any case, there never was a Catford BUF branch/district. Both items were carefully made with the intention of tricking collectors into handing over substantial sums for junk. I understand that the pole top was initially offered at £1500.

    Regards, Philip

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Name:	Trophy 1.jpg 
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Name:	Catford B.U.F. Banner _ 1.jpg 
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Name:	Catford B.U.F. Banner _ 2.jpg 
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    I found a picture of an Action Press Uniform armband which has the elasticated connector and the wide red area between the rondel and the top and bottom of the armband. This shows up on both the Womens' Action Press armband and the male Action Press uniform armband. Unfortunately I am new to this thread and don't know how to post a photo.

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    Most 19000 serial numbers were copies made by Unless you have provenance it is a fake. There are a number of companies reproducing all three of the BF pins. Andrew Butler makes some but he at least puts his name on the back "BUTLER'S". Any Type 1 BF Pin is a fake they were all withdrawn because they had not acquired permission to use the Crown. There is an interesting Italian produced BF pin with a silver Italianate fasces with British Lion inside the axe curl overlaying a British Flag with red crosses over a blue background - no white stripes in evidence. I have a picture of one.

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