A minor but frustrating mystery! I've got 2 small plates recovered from 2 different German/Eastern Euro(Latvian) bunkers and am wondering-does Anyone have any idea what Game these guys were playing? The plates are decorated with the 4 different card suite symbols(one on each compass point around the edges) which naturally leads one to think these plates were for Card games, of course, but One plate that I've got was trench art decorated with a pair of Dice in the center and had the words(in Latvian) on the edge "God bless our bones" . The 4 compass points on the edges, though, were still decorated with the card suites symbols. So, apparently the same Plate type but this one clearly indicates Dice being used! The Aluminum trench art piece is about 5 1/2 inches across and the smaller plainer Zinc plate measures about 3 inches, so both are pocket sized and, as can be seen from the photos, were both well used.

Anyone got any ideas? Thanks! Dice and Card Games in Eastern Europe WWII  QuestionDice and Card Games in Eastern Europe WWII  Question