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An Eleven Year Old Boy's Visit To Omaha Beach

Article about: The pictures speak for themselves. A very moving piece.

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    Default An Eleven Year Old Boy's Visit To Omaha Beach

    The pictures speak for themselves. A very moving piece.


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    Top stuff Bob,tugs the heartstrings...............

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    Thank you Mr. Coleman for the link. It's hard to imagine over 70 years ago my grandfather stormed that beach. I don't think I'll ever be able to comprehend exactly what they went through.

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    Not everyone is ordained to uphold the honor of the memory of WW2..or the protection of history. It takes a special do what he has done and as young as he be moved at such a young age to "Want" to know more about this time period.

    Just as we also here on many militaria forums...of all ages.... not everyone can be a Guard to the Past... in this realm ... "One is Chosen "

    Such desire will reap great future rewards. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    this is deeply moving and tears ran down my cheeks,i salute the soldiers who stormed the beach ,and my heart is lifted by the young lad who held a salute for one and a half hours looking out to sea. heart warming indeed.regards george

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    I really liked that. Great Kid.

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    Hi, That boy, sorry, that young Man is to me the epitomy of all that is good in the youth of today! This vidio brought tears to my eyes and signified a precents that is inspiring yet emotionally evocotive of historical rememberence of the youth of a by gone time which saw young men of many nations give their life blood for the freedom which we accept as normellity today. May God bless you my young freind and all those of all nations whether on our side or their side who gave up life for our future. I complement the young Man, the narator and all those who participated in his outstanding commemoration of all that is so sad in war. My sincere thanks for this vidio which I feel should be seen in every school in every country!!!!

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