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The Fate of Hitler

Article about: Well he is dead now..... unless he is sitting pretty at 120!

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    Ahhh! Gotcha....ISBN is a number that is exclusive to the book that was printed. For example - when you go to the library, you can give the librarian the ISBN and with a quick check - they can tell you wether or not they have the book in their library. I think book stores work the same way. Each book has it's own number - there are no two alike.
    Hope that helps!


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    oh thats cool, nice one.


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    Things were so chaotic in the bunker towards the end. They didn't even think about making up some great scheme to fake the deaths of Hitler and Braun, then sneek them out of the bunker alive. The people that were left just wanted to save their own ass. Most of the Generals were so drunk they couldn't walk. I have read the books by Gunsche, Linge, Junge, Axmann, Kempka, and Freytag-Loringhoven. Once they were all taken into captivity by the allies and split up, they all had the exact same story of Hitler and Brauns deaths, down to the tiniest detail. If the story had been made up the KGB would have tortured the truth out of poor Gunsche, who was held until 1956. Without a doubt, Hitler put a bullet in his head down in the bunker in 1945, with the Soviets banging at the door.

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    Recent i have read that the skull the Russian have , from dna , is a womans scull and not Hitlers.........So it is a fake story and no one knows where Hitlers body is

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    Hi Herrzark, the Russians recovered many bone fragments outside the bunker door. That area outside the bunker door was hit with many artillary rounds after Hitler, Braun and both Goebbles were buried there. So sure they found part of a females skull, because two females were buried out there! Many papers and magazines love to sell their trade. Any news about Hitler sells magazines. We have no idea what bone fragments they found and used to be analyzed. In my humble opinion, it's still clear to me that Hitler died in the bunker. This debate will probably never end. Thanks for the information on the link.

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    I think it went as most people think he died in the bunker.
    When I was a kid I read an entertianing novel called 'The Berkut'.
    I remember I couldn't put it down, purely fiction though bit like 'Fatherland' if you google it it comes up with the book and isbn etc.


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    Hitler didnt die, he's my next door neighbor. lol

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    Hey Panzer, if it's not too much trouble, could you get AH's autograph for me.

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    i believe Hitler died, but as i had told no one knows where or which his body was.Russian took a scull for newspapers e.t.c that after so many years with dna test prooved that was not Hitler's scull but a woman's

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