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Favorite Reference books?!?

Article about: Thanks for information about references. These out of print books of historical importance should have a digital copy available for consultation on the internet. Historical material should b

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    Default Favorite Reference books?!?

    always looking for new reference books that may be out of publish or just haven't seen yet! What your favorite book? Mine is faking the holocaust by Alec Tulkoff. wish i know him. Amazing historica facts, great pics, and not only does he show authintic items, he shows fakes as well. As well he goes into great deal with the item came to be.
    Favorite Reference books?!?

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    Default Re: Favorite Reference books?!?

    How old is the book?

    Books are excellent but always remember they do go out of date and not everything contained within is correct.

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    Default Re: Favorite Reference books?!?

    Agree with Adrian. I love a good reference book and have a quite few, but almost without exception they will have miss-identified fakes/copies in them.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Favorite Reference books?!?

    I am a big fan of these books and magazines from B&D Publishing. About as up to date as you can get!

    I am looking forward to the Wehrpass and Soldbuch book !

    Home - B&D Publishing LLC
    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Favorite Reference books?!?

    So , can you recommend some sources of information. Guys here have a lot of accumulate knowlege, it's really very impressive. As a new collector it'll be nice to have some tips of books, magazines or sites that you have as reference. Thank you all for everything I'm learning here.

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    Default Re: Favorite Reference books?!?

    A good question to start learning!

    First of all, what is your main interest in collecting? It's no good the guys recommending books on U.S. underwear if you want to collect Chinese hand grenades......

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    Default Re: Favorite Reference books?!?

    Definetely no underwears of any nationality. I'm interest in ww1 and 2 in general, but i'd like to start with german helmets and condecorations.

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    Default Re: Favorite Reference books?!?

    Sorry guys been offline, wife blow her car up lol. She's ok btw. the refernece book was published in 2000 A. It's not just artifact based, which is why I love it. It goes into depth of the history and history behind the artifacts of the holocaust.He answers the question;why is it the acrtifact came to be. Cart if you wan't to learn about german helments I suggest the book SS-Steel by Kelly Hicks. He even has a website for sales of his most recent publishes and helments for sale. Thanks for comments guys. Also Cart listen to Adrain, he will know the most historical accurate books for you needs good look and remember to enjoy it.

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    Default Re: Favorite Reference books?!?

    Collector Grade Publications has some great reference books. Collector Grade Publications Gun Books - Online Gun Books Store


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    Default Re: Favorite Reference books?!?

    *The* book to have if you are into collecting German helmets is "Germany's combat helmets 1933-1945: A modern study" by Ken Niewiarowicz, also "the history of the German steel helmet 1914-1945" by Ludwig Baer, a bit older than Ken's book but still very very good. Both are out of print now but they crop up from time to time. There are loads of German helmet books that are crap and full of fakes so be careful.

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