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Für Volk and Führer. The Memoirs of a Veteran of the 1st SS Panzer Division

Article about: Thank you all for the heads-up. I just ordered myself a copy! Luke

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    Thank you all for the heads-up. I just ordered myself a copy!


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    Got to get a copy as well.

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    I recently finished this book and would thoroughly recommend it. I know of only a few autobiographies from SS soldiers available in English and feel that this is one of the best. The whole book is full of interest and easy reading from beginning to end. It was good to have the experiences and insights of an individual solider in the midst of famous battles, and episodes such as the events surrounding the discovery of the copses of tortured comrades at the Taganrog GPU office in October 1941. Away from the great events of history, I found the sections on about Erwin Bartmann's training at the Lichterfelde barracks and his recuperation after his major wound insightful. With its view of events from the grassroots, its also a valuable book for anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge of the Nazi system and the SS: '" Why do you want to join the Leibstandarte?" he asked. "Because I am a Berliner, and tall," I answered with the simple innocence of youth.' (p. 27)

    Regards, Philip

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