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Gestapo Muller

Article about: I heard somewhere that the remains of Gestapo Muller were found in Berlin (or else where in Germany). Does anybody have reliable information about this? It was rumored that he escaped Berlin

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    Here is the English version of the 2013 Spiegel article. Prof Tuchel is the man to read on this score. I looked at the Wikipedia article on Mueller, and it is pretty lame
    in terms of its sources. People today all cite the same dopey other internet articles, which are cobbled together.

    Nazi War Criminal Heinrich Müller Buried in Jewish Cemetery in Berlin - SPIEGEL ONLINE
    damit, basta.

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    Here is the extract from the Deutsche Biographie.

    M. attended elementary school in Ingolstadt, Schrobenhausen and Krumbach and graduated 1914-17 apprenticeship as an aircraft mechanic at the Bayer. Aircraft factory in Munich. 1917/18 as a sergeant in the Air Force in the field, he was awarded the Iron Cross I. Kl.. In December 1919 M. entered the Political Affairs Division of Bayer.

    National Police, where he had to watch the political Left (1933 Kriminalinspektor).
    1934 joined the fanatical anti-communist of the SS, in which he took it thanks to R. Heydrich promotion for Standarten- (1937), top (1939), brigade and group leader (1940). 1939 M., the entrance had opened an enormous career advancement in the SS (1934), was added to the NSDAP. Characterized by pathological ambition and blind obedience, he was in 1934 at Bayer.

    Political Police on leave and Secret State Police Office in Berlin ordered (1937 Oberregierungs- and superintendent). On 09.27.1939 he was head of Department IV (Gestapo - Gestapo) in Heydrich neugeschaffenem RSHA (1941 Lieutenant General, 1945, General of Police). In this capacity M. was whose ruthlessness, brutality and arbitrariness were feared, a central figure of the Nazi tyranny.

    The spying system was expanded and perfected, encouraged denunciations. Unscrupulous cared M. in disregard of constitutional principles for the mass arrest, deportation and murder of unpopular persons, especially of Jews and of political and ideological opponents of the regime. - M. was the last time on 29/04/1945 | seen in the Führer bunker.
    He probably came to this or any of the following days to the encircled Berlin. Rumors that circulated until 1967, he had gone over to the Soviets, he lived under the name "Rashad Amin" in Albania or under different names in America, did not need to harden.
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    damit, basta.

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