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Heinrich Müller

Article about: Heinrich Müller, where did he go - anyone? (W) He became chief of the Gestapo, the political secret state police of Nazi Germany, and was involved in the planning and execution of the Holoca

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    Heinrich Müller escaped from Berlin, only according to sensationalist mudheads like Ladislas Forago and the like. One of the most convincing explanations of his final remains location is that they were, according to Walter Lüders (and I can see no reason to not believe his story) buried in Berlin in, ironically, the former site of an old Jewish Cemetery. Got to love the irony....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I am quite certain alot of top people fled to South america. Why stay and be humiliated and judged/tortured and executed by the winners- when you can grab all the gold a sub or 5 can carry, and go on a permanent vacation in a tropical country full of sexy chicas for the rest of your life.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

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    I thought he changed his name to Miller and started making American beer... Hmmmmmm, probably not the same guy..
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    In New York city serving Infamous great tasting soup !
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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    In New York city serving Infamous great tasting soup !
    "No soup for you! Come back one year!"

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    If you try to find a picture of Heinrich Müller you will be disappointed! Not many exists.

    My theory is that he had a very well planned strategy from the beginning.
    He knew that the price for loosing the war was all about hiding your own tracks.

    I imaging that, because of his low profile, he did not settle in towns like; Bariloche...

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    Heinrich Mueller... Interesting bloke actually.. well what I've read..

    there was another theory that the American had stolen him and he worked for the Americans then went to the Russians in Moscow.. BUt there are reports of Mueller being in the Führerbunker right before Hitler topped himself with Eva.

    I guess we will never know what happened to one of the most powerful SS Men....

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    Quote by HPL2008 View Post
    "No soup for you! Come back one year!
    Funny... G
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