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Hitlerís death army: Das reich

Article about: Hi: I share with you interesting NatGeo documentary about the dreaded SS "Das Reich" division, I think, the most dangerous and cruel of all, including LSSAH... enjoy (english and f

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    My (German) Mother's former employer -Ludwig Steffan- was a member of Das Reich...A veteran of the Russian Front, he was missing several fingers on his right hand, his knee was shot up and he walked with a limp, and he had shell-fragments embedded in his skull that couldn't be removed as they wandered with the fluids...He spent 10 years in Siberia as a POW and didn't return until 1955...I remember him telling me that he was depicted in the Wochenschau Newsreels and that he had also been in the Wach-Regiment/Guard Regiment...He referred to Paul Hausser as "Papa Hausser"...His wife said that he used to have nightmares and would put his hands on her throat and she'd have to wake him up so he'd snap out of it....
    cheers, Glenn
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    Quote by ironcross13 View Post
    I like to keep a open mind, do you guys really believe what are government news channels are telling us? Do we ever look into who makes some of these docs?
    I use many news and media outlets.
    I think there is 2 sides to every story.
    Das Reich, LAH, Totenkopf fought for 5 years lost many men young men at that. I think all soldiers deserve respect.
    imo not soldiers that Massacre innocent women and children like this mob of cut throat filthy low animals

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    Quote by tailor marc View Post
    imo not soldiers that Massacre innocent women and children like this mob of cut throat filthy low animals
    His warped logic and pro Nazi attitude is why he was shown the exit of no return. I agree that these bastards were the lowest of the lowest.


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    Very interesting to see the French resistance fighters. They are a subject I need to study more.

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    What is the "Come and see" version and how is it accessed?
    I agree. While I am sure that not all SS where monsters, many where as they had been raised to see themselves and ubermenchen or supermen. No excuse though. Almost none of the thousands of SS KL guards were ever prosecuted although some have been in the last few years. Most were allowed to live out their lives to a ripe old age in peace unlike their helpless charges during the war. I will never understand people that admire the SS. Strangely enough one country where Das SS are idolized, and where national Socialism is on the rise is Russia. Go figure.

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    Quote by Paul D View Post
    You are correct Glenn , many of the men of the 3 Kompanie DF were from the the Alsace
    Exactly, i lived 15 years in Alsace, and you can' t speak about this topic.

    Like a wound in Alsace history.

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