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How the Nazis Stole Christmas

Article about: An interesting article in the Independant today. I would love to visit the museum in Cologne and see this private collection of Nazi Christmas Memorabillia How the Nazis stole Christmas - Eu

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Kris, very interesting and informative posts. Few who sit down to their Christmas dinner will have ever heard of all of this....

    Cheers, Ade.
    Hi Ade,

    Its great stuff and there is a lot more really, the N.S system and its policies even aside from Christmas were rooted in ancient culture. Himmler took it even further, but when you look at it the appearance is certainly take the German people back to the roots as people of the soil or farmers, and Christmas is just one real example.

    Writers of articles like what started this thread seem to try to fault the Nazi's as thieves and anti Christian, while the latter is partially true at least from N.S policies and again Himmler, but the reality is that Christianity flourished to a degree and the National Socialists were reverting to their own cultural roots.

    Christmas has always been a time for people to celebrate and all cultures and people have various traditions, I think these writers sometimes just like to pop off and the Germans of the period make good targets for them to criticize as no one will question it. The Germans are farmers and people of the soil, their history and culture is reflective of that. ;o)

    As a side note on this, most people today do not even know what a Pagan is and often associate them as some kind of Barbarian or modern day Wiccans, a small group of people that utilize some pagan symbols and ritual.

    Today around the world countries and peoples are running opposite ideologies and at least here attacking Christmas to a degree for multi culture platforms. While Adolf Hitler was by no means a good guy I think his bid to retain culture was sound and it is what gives a people or a culture its strength or more importantly, its identity. Interesting stuff.


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    Great article! Its really nice to see this post, thanks for sharing with us.

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