Hello, this is Julekpl again. I am making plans to go to Poland this summer for vacation to continue my "hobby". It is not the safest of hobbies, it is metal detecting, and need some help. I am unfortunately not able to travel to northern Poland (where much of the stuff is) I will be visiting two areas, primarily "Klodzko" (aka former Glatz) and "Bielsko-Biala". I have done some metal detecting in these regions and I have uncovered a few bullets and parts of an mg42, but these finds were not of battlefields, but mainly skirmishes that the Nazis fought when they were retreating back to Berlin. I know there are a few Polish members here and I was wondering if you could help me out. I have looked all over the net in regards to any battles or important events that occurred during ww1/ww2 in southern Poland, but it is not much. Here is a map of the 2 locations that I will be visiting, and if anyone has any information regarding these areas, I would greatly appreciate it. I will be going to Poland in July, and I will try to send photos if I find anything.


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