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Late war KIA - Brigadeführer SS Ernst Fick.

Article about: Fick bought the farm April 29, 1945. Supposedly outside a KZ in Murnau, where he was heading to deliever a letter from Himmler in regards to the execution of POVs. US forces were already in

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    Quote by Lohmax View Post
    I understand your point. However, in this case those SS officers had very different reasons for being there at that point. I know that because I have spent the last two years researching the camp and the events of 29 April 1945 in Murnau from scratch. The story of execution orders for the 5000 POW was a false rumor that spread weeks after liberation, because it sounded plausible enough at the time, especially after the full picture of Nazi atrocities started to unfold. In my opinion, we need to put historical facts before hearsay and rumors, and the facts are quite clear in this case. True, this doesn't make the SS as such any better.
    I find your post interesting. What you state is certainly possibly true in the cloud of horrors the SS carried out at the end of the war. Can you give us the valid source of your statement?


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    Hello Bob, thank you for your kind comment. I am in the process of finishing my publication on Oflag VII A. I have researched the topic for a number of years. I do have several sources, which I don't like to reveal at this point, but will gladly do so after the release of the book. I am very sorry that my answer is a little disappointing for now.

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    Hauptmann Oswald Pohl's Soldbuch, Wehrpass & Sonderausweis can be seen here. He also has the Soldbuch grouping of the camp's translator:
    Soldbuch grouping - Hauptmann Pohl - Oflag VII A - Militaria Forums

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    Than you, hucks, I saw that. Amazing!

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