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The Leaders of the RAD

Article about: Here is a partial list of the leaders of the Reichs Arbeits Dienst Generalfeldmeister Wagner, Dr. Hermann Obergeneralarbeitsführer Busse, Wilhelm Decker, Dr. Wilhelm Schmeidler, Dr. Herbert

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    Wilhelm Decker

    Wilhelm "Will" Decker (December 13, 1899, Rostock - May 1, 1945, Berlin) was a German politician, publicist and general labor leader during the Nazi era. He is not to be confused with the SA man Wilhelm Decker (1907-1931), who was called the "martyr of the Nazi movement".

    Life and Work
    In his youth Decker attended the humanistic high school in Rostock. From 1917 he took part in the First World War, in which he was deployed on the Western Front.
    After the war, Decker studied history and German studies at the University of Rostock. In 1922 he received his doctorate in Dr. phil. From 1923 Decker wrote for the folk-oriented Pyritzer Kreisblatt in Pomerania. In 1924 he became the editor of the Mecklenburger Warte newspaper. In 1926 Decker left the People's Movement to join the NSDAP (membership number 136.932). In 1929 he became Gau and Reichsredner of the NSDAP and in November of the same year a member of the Brandenburg Provincial Committee and the district council of Niederbarnim.
    From September 1930 to May 1945 Decker was a member of the Reichstag as a member of the Reichstag for constituency 4 (Potsdam I). As an MP, Decker voted in favour of the Authorisation Act of March 1933, which formed the legal basis for the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship.
    Since 1931 he has been working for the Voluntary Labour Service, and the NSDAP leadership appointed him "Inspector of Education and Training" in the Reich Administration. From 1934 he published the National Socialist magazine Volk am Arbeit, the contents of which were so well placed that Decker was appointed general labour leader in the Reichsarbeitsdienst in 1935. In addition, Decker worked as a composer and wrote several songs for the Reichsarbeitsdienst.

    In 1935, Reichseducation Minister Bernhard Rust appointed Decker as lecturer for labour service at the University of Berlin, where he was appointed honorary professor in June 1937. In the Working Group for German Folklore, founded in 1937, Decker was briefly head of the Ceremony Design Unit.
    Since January 30, 1939, Decker was the holder of the NSDAP's Golden Party Badge.
    He also served as permanent representative of the leader of the RAD, Konstantin Hierl, from 1940. In addition, Decker has been a member of the advisory board of the "Research Department Jewish Question" within the Reich Institute for the History of New Germany since 1940.
    Decker died in the early Battle of Berlin at the beginning of May 1945. Whether it was suicide or whether he was fatally wounded is still unclear.

    Das Lied stimmt an vom Arbeitsmann
    Gott segne die Arbeit
    Heiliges Feuer
    Singend wollen wir marschieren
    Wir tragen das Vaterland in unseren Herzen
    Author of various books..
    Source Wiki and others
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The Leaders of the RAD   The Leaders of the RAD  

    The Leaders of the RAD   The Leaders of the RAD  

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    Rolf von Gönner

    Rolf von Gönner (April 25, 1885 - March 29, 1941) was a German politician. He was deputy leader of the Reich Labour.
    Life and Work
    In July 1932, He became a spokesman for the Service of Labour in the Reich Leadership of the NSDAP. In March 1933 he became a recruiter at the Reich Administration of the Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD). From July 1933 he headed the personnel office at the RAD. After that, he became gauarbeitsführer.
    In the function of General Labour Leader, the NSDAP ran on the list number 275 in the election to the German Reichstag on 29 March 1936, but did not enter the National Socialist Reichstag. He lived in Berlin-Lankwitz, Alsheimerstraße 4.
    At the end of March 1941, Gönner died in combat during World War II.

    Spaten und Ahre. The Handbook of the German Youth in the Reichsarbeitsdienst, Heidelberg, several editions, among others 1937 and 1939

    Sources Wiki and others..
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The Leaders of the RAD  
    Attached Images Attached Images The Leaders of the RAD 
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    Here is a photo of von Alten, signed "vAlten".

    The Leaders of the RAD

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    That is a very detailed photo of von Alten ! Thanks for sharing !! G
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