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List of German divisions in World War II (wikipédia) / List of Foreign volunteer units of the Wehrmacht (wikipédia)

Article about: Hello guy! I found this list in wikipédia, I think that it is really intersting: List of German divisions in World War II: Name elements not usually translated Grenadier A traditional term f

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    Default List of German divisions in World War II (wikipédia)

    Hello guy! I found this list in wikipédia, I think that it is really intersting:

    List of German divisions in World War II:

    Name elements not usually translated

    A traditional term for heavy infantry. (Translated "Infantryman")
    A traditional term for light infantry (Translated "Hunter").
    Traditional term for mountain and ski troops.
    A demonstration/training unit (Translated "Teach").
    "Number" (See description in Infantry Series Divisions, below).
    Armored (Translated "Tank").
    "Storm" or "Assault" (Translated "Storm").
    "of the People" (Translated "People's").
    Abbreviation for "zur besonderen Verwendung" Meaning "Special Purpose" (Translated "For Special Employment").
    Volks, Sturm, and Grenadier were sometimes used simply as morale-building adjectives, often without any significance to a unit's organization or capabilities.

    Army "Heer"

    Panzer divisions

    Numbered panzer divisions
    1st Panzer Division
    2nd Panzer Division
    3rd Panzer Division
    4th Panzer Division
    5th Panzer Division
    6th Panzer Division (previously 1st Light Division)
    7th Panzer Division (previously 2nd Light Division)
    8th Panzer Division (previously 3rd Light Division)
    9th Panzer Division (previously 4th Light Division)
    10th Panzer Division
    11th Panzer Division
    12th Panzer Division (previously 2nd Motorized Infantry Division)
    13th Panzer Division (previously 13th Infantry Division, 13th Motorized Infantry Division; later Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 2)
    14th Panzer Division (previously 4th Infantry Division)
    15th Panzer Division (previously 33rd Infantry Division; later 15th Panzergrenadier Division)
    16th Panzer Division (previously 16th Infantry Division)
    17th Panzer Division (previously 27th Infantry Division)
    18th Panzer Division (later 18th Artillery Division)
    19th Panzer Division (previously 19th Infantry Division)
    20th Panzer Division
    21st Panzer Division (previously 5th Light Division)
    22nd Panzer Division
    23rd Panzer Division
    24th Panzer Division (previously 1st Cavalry Division)
    25th Panzer Division
    26th Panzer Division (formerly 23rd Infantry Division)
    27th Panzer Division
    116th Panzer Division Windhund (previously 16th Infantry Division, 16th Motorized Infantry Division, and 16th Panzergrenadier Division)
    155th Reserve Panzer Division (previously Division Nr. 155, Division Nr. 155 (mot.), Panzer Division Nr. 155)
    Panzer Division Nr. 178 (previously Division Nr. 178)
    179th Reserve Panzer Division (previously Division Nr. 179, Division Nr. 179 (mot.), and Panzer Division Nr. 179)
    232nd Panzer Division (previously Panzer Division Tatra, Panzer Training Division Tatra)
    233rd Reserve Panzer Division (previously Division Nr. 233 (mot.), Panzergrenadier Division Nr. 233, and Panzer Division Nr. 233; later Panzer Division Clausewitz)
    273rd Reserve Panzer Division

    Named panzer divisions
    Panzer Division Clausewitz (previously Division Nr. 233 (mot.), Panzergrenadier Division Nr. 233, and Panzer Division Nr. 233, Reserve Panzer Division 233)
    Döberitz, Schlesien, and Holstein are approximately synonymous with Clausewitz.
    Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 1 (previously 60th Infantry Division, 60th Motorized Infantry Division, and Panzergrenadier Division Feldherrnhalle)
    Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 2 (previously 13th Infantry Division, 13th Motorized Infantry Division, and 13th Panzer Division)
    Panzer Division Jüterbog
    Panzer Division Kempf (part Heer, part Waffen-SS)
    Panzer Division Kurmark
    Panzer-Lehr-Division (sometimes identified as 130th Panzer-Lehr-Division)
    Panzer Division Müncheberg
    Panzer Division Tatra (later Panzer Training Division Tatra, 232nd Panzer Division)
    [edit]Light divisions
    The designation "Light" (leichte) had various meanings in the German Army of World War II. There was a series of 5 Light divisions; the first four were pre-war mechanized formations organized for use as mechanized cavalry, and the fifth was an ad hoc collection of mechanized elements rushed to Africa to bail the Italians out and organized into a division once there. All five were eventually converted to ordinary Panzer divisions.
    1st Light Division (later 6th Panzer Division)
    2nd Light Division (later 7th Panzer Division)
    3rd Light Division (later 8th Panzer Division)
    4th Light Division (later 9th Panzer Division)
    5th Light Afrika Division (later 21st Panzer Division)
    Various other divisions were dubbed "Light" for other reasons, and are listed among the Infantry Series Divisions.
    [edit]Infantry series divisions
    [edit]Types of division in the series
    The backbone of the Wehrmacht Heer (Germany's Army) was the infantry division. Of the 154 divisions deployed against Soviet Union in 1941, including reserves, there were 100 infantry, 19 panzer (tank), 11 motorised, 9 security, 5 Waffen-SS, 4 "light", 4 mountain, 1 SS police, and 1 cavalry. A typical infantry division in June 1941 had 17,734 men organized into the following sub-units[1]:
    three infantry regiments with staff, communications units
    three battalions with:
    three light MG companies
    one heavy MG company
    one PAK company (mot.)
    one artillery company
    one reconnaissance unit
    one Panzerjager battalion with:
    three companies (each with twelve 3.7 cm guns)
    one artillery regiment
    three battalions
    three batteries
    one pioneer battalion
    one communications unit
    one field replacement battalion
    Supply, medical, veterinary, mail, and police
    German infantry divisions had a variety of designations and specializations, though numbered in a single series. The major variations are as follows:
    Fortress (Festung)
    Divisions of non-standard organization used to garrison critical sites. The smaller ones might consist of only two or three battalions.
    A morale-building honorific usually indicative of reduced strength when used alone.
    Light, Jäger
    Provided with partial horse or motor transport and usually lighter artillery, and reduced in size compared to an ordinary infantry division. Some of these were essentially identical to mountain divisions, and these were referred to as Gebirgsjäger ("Mountain Light Infantry") divisions.
    This description does not apply to the Light divisions in Africa (5th, 90th, 164th, 999th), nor to the five Light mechanized divisions listed in their own subsection.
    Provided with full motor transport for all infantry and weapons systems. Usually reduced in size compared to an ordinary infantry division. Motorized infantry divisions were renamed Panzergrenadier (armored infantry) divisions in 1943.
    Division Nummer
    A sort of placeholder division, with a number (Nummer) and staff but few if any combat assets. These divisions started out without any type in their name (e.g., Division Nr. 179), though some acquired a type later on (e.g., Panzer Division Nr. 179).
    As motorized, but with more self-propelled weapons and an added battalion of tanks or fully armored assault guns. What motorized divisions were referred to from 1943 forward.
    Static (bodenständige)
    Deficient in transport, even enough to move its own artillery. Many of these were divisions that had been mauled on the Russian Front and were sent west to serve as coastal defense garrisons until sufficient resources were available to rehabilitate them.
    A late-war reorganization with reduced size and increased short-range firepower. Many previously destroyed or badly mauled infantry divisions were reconstituted as Volksgrenadier divisions, and new ones were raised as well. Their fighting worth varied widely depending on unit experience and equipment. Not to be confused with Volkssturm a national militia in which units were supposed to be organized by local Nazi party leaders; trained by the SS; and come under Wehrmacht command in combat.
    ("zbV" is an abbreviation meaning "for special employment") An ad hoc division created to meet a special requirement. (E.g., Division zbV Afrika)
    Most of the size reductions listed above were by about a third, either by the removal of an infantry regiment or the removal of one infantry battalion from each of the three regiments.
    Infantry divisions were raised in waves, sets of divisions with a standardized table of organization and equipment. In general the later waves (i.e., the higher-numbered divisions) were of lower quality than the earlier ones.

    Numbered divisions

    1st to 99th
    1st Infantry Division
    2nd Motorized Infantry Division (later 12th Panzer Division)
    3rd Motorized Infantry Division (later 3rd Panzergrenadier Division)
    4th Infantry Division (later 14th Panzer Division)
    5th Infantry Division (later 5th Light Infantry Division, 5th Jäger Division)
    Not related to the 5th Light Division.
    6th Infantry Division (later 6th Grenadier Division, 6th Volksgrenadier Division)
    7th Infantry Division
    8th Infantry Division (later 8th Light Infantry Division, 8th Jäger Division)
    9th Infantry Division (later 9th Volksgrenadier Division)
    10th Infantry Division (later 10th Motorized Infantry Division, 10th Panzergrenadier Division)
    11th Infantry Division
    12th Infantry Division (later 12th Volksgrenadier Division)
    13th Motorized Infantry Division (later 13th Panzer Division, Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 2)
    14th Infantry Division (later 14th Motorized Infantry Division, then 14th Infantry Division again)
    14th Luftwaffe Infantry Division
    This unit was originally in the Luftwaffe as the 14th Luftwaffe Field Division.
    15th Infantry Division
    15th Panzergrenadier Division (previously 33rd Infantry Division, 15th Panzer Division)
    Not related to 15th Infantry Division.
    16th Infantry Division (later split into –)
    16th Panzer Division, and
    16th Motorized Infantry Division (later 16th Panzergrenadier Division, 116th Panzer Division)
    16th Luftwaffe Infantry Division (later 16th Volksgrenadier Division)
    This unit was originally in the Luftwaffe as the 16th Luftwaffe Field Division.
    17th Infantry Division
    18th Infantry Division (later 18th Motorised Infantry Division, 18th Panzergrenadier Division)
    18th Volksgrenadier Division
    Not related to the 18th Infantry Division.
    19th Infantry Division (later 19th Panzer Division)
    19th Grenadier Division (later 19th Volksgrenadier Division)
    This unit was originally in the Luftwaffe as the 19th Luftwaffe Field Division (later 19th Luftwaffe Sturm Division)
    20th Motorized Infantry Division (later 20th Panzergrenadier Division)
    21st Infantry Division
    22nd Infantry Division (later 22nd Air Landing Division, 22nd Volksgrenadier Division)
    23rd Infantry Division (later 26th Panzer Division)
    After being reorganized as the 26th Panzer Division, some of the 23rd Infantry Division's original components were used to create a new 23rd Infantry Division.
    24th Infantry Division
    25th Infantry Division (later 25th Motorized Infantry Division, 25th Panzergrenadier Division)
    26th Infantry Division (later 26th Volksgrenadier Division)
    27th Infantry Division (later 17th Panzer Division)
    28th Light Infantry Division (later 28th Jäger Division)
    29th Motorized Infantry Division (later 29th Panzergrenadier Division)
    30th Infantry Division
    31st Infantry Division (later 31st Grenadier Division, 31st Volksgrenadier Division)
    32nd Infantry Division
    33rd Infantry Division (later 15th Panzer Division, 15th Panzergrenadier Division)
    34th Infantry Division
    35th Infantry Division (later 35th Volksgrenadier Division)
    36th Infantry Division (later 36th Motorized Infantry Division, then 36th Infantry Division again, 36th Grenadier Division, and finally 36th Volksgrenadier Division)
    38th Infantry Division
    39th Infantry Division (later 41st Fortress Division, 41st Infantry Division)
    41st Infantry Division (previously 39th Infantry Division, 41st Fortress Division)
    42nd Jäger Division (previously 187th Reserve Division)
    44th Infantry Division (later 44th Reichsgrenadier Division Hoch und Deutschmeister)
    45th Infantry Division (later 45th Grenadier Division, 45th Volksgrenadier Division)
    46th Infantry Division
    47th Infantry Division (previously Division Nr. 156, 156th Reserve Division; later 47th Volksgrenadier Division)
    48th Infantry Division (later 48th Volksgrenadier Division)
    49th Infantry Division
    50th Infantry Division
    52nd Infantry Division (later 52nd Field Training Division, 52nd Security Division)
    56th Infantry Division
    57th Infantry Division
    58th Infantry Division
    59th Infantry Division
    60th Infantry Division (later 60th Motorized Infantry Division, Panzergrenadier Division Feldherrnhalle, and Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 1)
    61st Infantry Division (later 61st Volksgrenadier Division)
    62nd Infantry Division (later 62nd Volksgrenadier Division)
    64th Infantry Division
    65th Infantry Division
    68th Infantry Division
    69th Infantry Division
    70th Static Infantry Division
    71st Infantry Division
    72nd Infantry Division
    73rd Infantry Division
    75th Infantry Division
    76th Infantry Division
    77th Infantry Division
    78th Infantry Division (later 78th Sturm Division, 78th Grenadier Division, 78th Volksgrenadier Division, and finally 78 Volks-Sturm Division)
    79th Infantry Division (later 79th Volksgrenadier Division)
    80th Infantry Division
    81st Infantry Division
    82nd Infantry Division
    83rd Infantry Division
    84th Infantry Division
    85th Infantry Division
    86th Infantry Division
    87th Infantry Division
    88th Infantry Division
    89th Infantry Division
    90th Light Infantry Division (previously the Division zbV Afrika; later 90th Light Afrika Division, 90th Panzergrenadier Division)
    91st Infantry Division (later 91st Air Landing Division)
    92nd Infantry Division
    93rd Infantry Division
    94th Infantry Division
    95th Infantry Division (later 95th Volksgrenadier Division)
    96th Infantry Division
    97th Light Infantry Division (later 97th Jäger Division)
    98th Infantry Division
    99th Light Infantry Division (later 7th Mountain Division)

    100th to 199th
    100th Light Infantry Division (later 100th Jäger Division)
    101st Light Infantry Division (later 101st Jäger Division)
    102nd Infantry Division
    104th Jäger Division
    106th Infantry Division
    110th Infantry Division
    114th Jäger Division
    117th Jäger Division
    118th Jäger Division
    121st Infantry Division
    122nd Infantry Division
    126nd Infantry Division
    133rd Fortress Division
    Division zbV 140 (also 9th Mountain Division)
    141st Reserve Division
    143rd Reserve Division
    147th Reserve Division
    148th Reserve Division redesignated 148th Infantry Division in September 1944
    149th Field Training Division
    150th Field Training Division
    Division Nr. 151 (later 151st Reserve Division)
    Division Nr. 152
    Division Nr. 153 (later 153rd Reserve Division, 153rd Field Training Division, 153rd Grenadier Division)
    Division Nr. 154 (later 154th Reserve Division, 154th Field Training Division, 154th Infantry Division)
    Division Nr. 155 (later Division Nr. 155 (mot.), Panzer Division Nr. 155, 155th Reserve Panzer Division)
    155th Field Training Division (later 155th Infantry Division)
    Not related to Division Nr. 155.
    Division Nr. 156 (later 156th Reserve Division, 47th Infantry Division, 47th Volksgrenadier Division)
    156th Field Replacement Division (later 156th Infantry Division)
    Division Nr. 157 (later 157th Reserve Division, 157th Mountain Division, 8th Mountain Division)
    Division Nr. 158 (later 158th Reserve Division)
    158th Infantry Division
    Not related to Division Nr. 158.
    Division Nr. 159 (later 159th Reserve Division, 159th Infantry Division)
    Division Nr. 160 (later 160th Reserve Division, 160th Infantry Division)
    162nd Infantry Division (later 162nd Turkoman Division, with foreign troops)
    163rd Infantry Division
    164th Infantry Division (later Fortress Division Kreta, which split into –)
    Fortress Brigade Kreta
    164th Light Afrika Division
    165th Reserve Division
    166th Reserve Division
    167th Volksgrenadier Division
    169th Infantry Division
    170th Infantry Division
    171st Reserve Division
    172nd Reserve Division
    173rd Reserve Division
    174th Reserve Division
    176th Infantry Division
    181st Infantry Division
    182nd Reserve Division
    183rd Volksgrenadier Division
    187th Reserve Division (later 42nd Jäger Division)
    Division Nr. 188 (later 188th Reserve Mountain Division, 188th Mountain Division)
    189th Reserve Division (later 189th Infantry Division)
    191st Reserve Division
    196th Infantry Division
    197th Infantry Division
    198th Infantry Division
    199th Infantry Division

    201st to 999th
    201st Security Division
    203rd Security Division
    205th Infantry Division (previously 14th Landwehr Division)
    206th Infantry Division
    207th Infantry Division (later 207th Security Division)
    208th Infantry Division
    210th Coastal Defense Division
    211th Volksgrenadier Division
    212th Infantry Division (later 578th Volksgrenadier Division, then renamed 212th Volksgrenadier Division)
    213th Security Division
    214th Infantry Division
    216th Infantry Division
    217th Infantry Division
    218th Infantry Division
    221st Security Division
    227th Infantry Division
    228th Infantry Division
    230th Coastal Defense Division
    232nd Infantry Division
    233rd Panzergrenadier Division
    237th Infantry Division
    242nd Static Infantry Division
    243rd Static Infantry Division
    246th Volksgrenadier Division
    250th Infantry Division (División Azul, the Spanish "Blue" Division in German service)
    256th Infantry Division (Later 256th Volksgrenadier Division
    257th Volksgrenadier Division
    258th Infantry Division
    264th Infantry Division
    267th Infantry Division
    268th Infantry Division
    269th Infantry Division
    270th Fortress Infantry Division
    271st Volksgrenadier Division
    272nd Volksgrenadier Division
    274th Static Infantry Division
    275th Infantry Division
    276th Volksgrenadier Division
    277th Infantry Division (later 277th Volksgrenadier Division)
    278th Infantry Division
    280th Fortress Infantry Division
    281st Security Division (later 281st Infantry Division)
    285th Security Division
    286th Security Division
    291st Infantry Division
    295th Infantry Division (later 295th Fortress Infantry Division)
    297th Infantry Division
    300th Special Infantry Division
    302nd Static Infantry Division (later 302nd Infantry Division)
    305th Infantry Division
    319th Infantry Division
    320th Infantry Division later 320th Volksgrenadier Division
    325th Security Division
    326th Infantry Division (later 326th Volksgrenadier Division)
    331st Infantry Division
    332nd Static Infantry Division (later 332nd Infantry Division)
    334th Infantry Division
    337th Volksgrenadier Division
    338th Infantry Division
    340th Volksgrenadier Division
    344th Static Infantry Division (later 344th Infantry Division)
    345th Motorized Infantry Division
    346th Infantry Division
    347th Volksgrenadier Division
    349th Volksgrenadier Division
    352nd Infantry Division (later 352nd Volksgrenadier Division)
    356th Infantry Division
    361st Volksgrenadier Division
    362nd Infantry Division
    363rd Volksgrenadier Division
    367th Infantry Division
    369th Infantry Division
    371st Infantry Division
    373rd Infantry Division
    376th Infantry Division
    381st Field Training Division
    382nd Field Training Division
    384th Infantry Division
    385th Infantry Division
    386th Motorized Infantry Division
    388th Field Training Division
    389th Static Infantry Division
    390th Security Division
    390th Field Training Division
    391st Security Division
    391st Field Training Division
    392nd Infantry Division
    402nd Training Division
    403rd Security Division
    416th Infantry Division
    444th Security Division
    454th Security Division
    462nd Volksgrenadier Division
    526th Reserve Division
    541st Grenadier Division (later 541st Volksgrenadier Division)
    542nd Grenadier Division (later 542nd Volksgrenadier Division)
    543rd Grenadier Division
    544th Grenadier Division (later 544th Volksgrenadier Division)
    545th Grenadier Division (later 545th Volksgrenadier Division)
    546th Grenadier Division
    547th Grenadier Division (later 547th Volksgrenadier Division)
    548th Grenadier Division (later 548th Volksgrenadier Division)
    549th Grenadier Division (later 549th Volksgrenadier Division)
    550th Grenadier Division
    551st Grenadier Division (later 551st Volksgrenadier Division)
    552nd Grenadier Division
    553rd Grenadier Division (later 553rd Volksgrenadier Division)
    558th Grenadier Division (later 558th Volksgrenadier Division)
    559th Grenadier Division (later 559th Volksgrenadier Division)
    560th Grenadier Division (later 560th Volksgrenadier Division)
    561st Grenadier Division Ostpreußen 1 (later 561st Volksgrenadier Division)
    562nd Grenadier Division Ostpreußen 2 (later 562nd Volksgrenadier Division)
    563rd Grenadier Division (later 563rd Volksgrenadier Division)
    564th Grenadier Division (later 564th Volksgrenadier Division)
    565th Volksgrenadier Division
    566th Volksgrenadier Division
    567th Volksgrenadier Division
    568th Volksgrenadier Division
    569th Volksgrenadier Division
    570th Volksgrenadier Division
    571st Volksgrenadier Division
    572nd Volksgrenadier Division
    573rd Volksgrenadier Division
    574th Volksgrenadier Division
    575th Volksgrenadier Division
    576th Volksgrenadier Division
    577th Volksgrenadier Division
    578th Volksgrenadier Division (previously 212th Infantry Division; later 212th Volksgrenadier Division)
    579th Volksgrenadier Division
    580th Volksgrenadier Division
    581st Volksgrenadier Division
    582nd Volksgrenadier Division
    583rd Volksgrenadier Division
    584th Volksgrenadier Division
    585th Volksgrenadier Division
    586th Volksgrenadier Division
    587th Volksgrenadier Division
    588th Volksgrenadier Division
    702nd Static Infantry Division
    707th Security Division
    708th Static Infantry Division (later 708th Coastal Defense Division, 708th Volksgrenadier Division)
    709th Static Infantry Division
    710th Static Infantry Division
    715th Infantry Division
    716th Static Infantry Division (later 716th Volksgrenadier Division)
    719th Infantry Division
    Division Nr. 805
    999th Light Afrika Division

    Named divisions
    Führer Begleit Division Escort Battalion formed to protect Hitler's Eastern Front Headquarters.
    Führer Grenadier Division
    Panzergrenadier Division Brandenburg
    Panzergrenadier Division Feldherrnhalle (previously 60th Infantry Division, 60th Motorized Infantry Division; later Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 1)
    Panzergrenadier Division Großdeutschland
    Grenadier Division Lehr
    Not related to Panzer Lehr.
    Jäger Division Alpen
    Division von Broich/von Manteuffel Tunisia November 1942 - May 1943

    Mountain divisions
    1st Mountain Division (later 1st Volksgebirgs Division)
    2nd Mountain Division
    3rd Mountain Division
    4th Mountain Division
    5th Mountain Division
    6th Mountain Division
    7th Mountain Division (previously 99th Light Infantry Division)
    8th Mountain Division (previously Division Nr. 157, 157th Reserve Division, 157th Mountain Division)
    9th Mountain Division (previously Shadow Division Steiermark and Division zbV 140)
    188th Mountain Division (previously Division Nr. 188, 188th Reserve Mountain Division)

    Ski division
    1st Ski Division

    Cavalry divisions
    According to Davies, the Cavalry divisions were mounted infantry and the Cossack divisions were "true cavalry", modelled on the Russian cavalry divisions.
    1st Cavalry Division (later 24th Panzer Division)
    3rd Cavalry Division
    4th Cavalry Division
    Cossack Cavalry Division (This unit was transferred to the Waffen-SS, where it was split to form the 1st & 2nd Cossack Cavalry Divisions as part of the XV SS Cossack Cavalry Corps.)

    Landwehr divisions
    14th Landwehr Division (later 205th Infantry Division)
    97th Landwehr Division

    Artillery divisions
    18th Artillery Division (formerly 18th Panzer Division)
    309th Artillery Division
    310th Artillery Division
    311th Artillery Division
    312th Artillery Division

    Named fortress divisions
    Fortress Division Danzig
    Fortress Division Frankfurt/Oder
    Fortress Division Gotenhafen
    Fortress Division Kreta (previously 164th Infantry Division; later 164th Light Afrika Division)
    Fortress Division Stettin
    Fortress Division Swinemünde
    Fortress Division Warschau

    Named training divisions
    Training Division Bayern
    Training Division Kurland
    Training Division Nord

    Field replacement divisions
    Field Replacement Division A
    Field Replacement Division B
    Field Replacement Division C
    Field Replacement Division D
    Field Replacement Division E
    Field Replacement Division F
    [edit]Navy "Kriegsmarine"

    Naval infantry divisions
    1st Naval Infantry Division
    2nd Naval Infantry Division
    3rd Naval Infantry Division
    11th Naval Infantry Division
    16th Naval Infantry Division
    Naval Infantry Division Gotenhafen

    Air Force "Luftwaffe"

    Hermann Göring divisions
    The Hermann Göring formations grew from a single police detachment to an entire armored corps over the course of the war. The later epithet Fallschirm ("parachute") was purely honorific.
    Hermann Göring Division (later Panzer Division Hermann Göring, Parachute Panzer Division 1 Hermann Göring)
    Parachute Panzergrenadier Division 2 Hermann Göring

    Airborne divisions
    To keep its existence secret, the first German airborne division was named as if a Flieger ("flier") division in the series of Luftwaffe divisions that controlled air assets rather than ground troops-named 7th Flieger Division (often translated 7th Air Division-see 1st Parachute Division (Germany) The division was later reorganized to start a series of nominally airborne divisions. Though named Fallschirmjäger ("paratrooper") divisions, only some of them participated in airdrops in the early part of the war, and in practice most operated as ordinary infantry throughout their existence. The lower-numbered ones earned and maintained an élite status, but quality generally declined among the higher-numbered divisions.
    1st Parachute Division (April 1943 7th Flieger becomes 1st Fallschirmjäger)
    2nd Parachute Division
    3rd Parachute Division
    4th Parachute Division
    5th Parachute Division
    6th Parachute Division
    7th Parachute Division (previously Group Erdmann, an ad hoc collection of Luftwaffe assets on the western front)
    8th Parachute Division
    9th Parachute Division
    10th Parachute Division
    11th Parachute Division (started to be formed March 1945. fought as battle groups only)
    20th Parachute Division(Formation ordered 20 March 1945 in the Netherlands, from Parachute Training and Replacement Division. However formation was not completed beyond cadre.)
    21st Parachute Division(Formation ordered 5 April 1945 in the Netherlands, as a Field-Training Division. However formation was not completed beyond cadre.)

    Field divisions
    Luftwaffe Field Divisions were ordinary infantry divisions organized from Luftwaffe personnel made available after mid-war due to the manpower crunch. They were originally Luftwaffe units but were later handed over to the Heer, retaining their numbering but with Luftwaffe attached to distinguish them from similarly numbered divisions already existing in the Heer.
    1st Luftwaffe Field Division
    2nd Luftwaffe Field Division
    3rd Luftwaffe Field Division
    4th Luftwaffe Field Division
    5th Luftwaffe Field Division
    6th Luftwaffe Field Division
    7th Luftwaffe Field Division
    8th Luftwaffe Field Division
    9th Luftwaffe Field Division
    10th Luftwaffe Field Division
    11th Luftwaffe Field Division
    12th Luftwaffe Field Division
    13th Luftwaffe Field Division
    14th Luftwaffe Field Division
    15th Luftwaffe Field Division
    16th Luftwaffe Field Division
    Eventually transferred to the Heer as 16th Luftwaffe Infantry Division (later 16th Volksgrenadier Division)
    17th Luftwaffe Field Division
    18th Luftwaffe Field Division
    19th Luftwaffe Field Division (later 19th Luftwaffe Sturm Division)
    Eventually transferred to the Heer as 19th Grenadier Division (later 19th Volksgrenadier Division)
    20th Luftwaffe Field Division (later 20th Luftwaffe Sturm Division)
    21st Luftwaffe Field Division (previously the Meindl Division, an ad hoc collection of Luftwaffe resources)
    22nd Luftwaffe Field Division Not actually formed, its sub-units were attached to other divisions as needed.
    Training divisions
    1st Luftwaffe Training Division
    Parachute Training and Replacement Division-see 20th Parachute Division

    Anti-Aircraft divisions
    These were headquarters for controlling aggregates of flak ("anti-aircraft artillery") assets rather than ordinary combined arms divisions organized for ground combat.
    1st Anti-Aircraft Division
    2nd Anti-Aircraft Division
    3rd Anti-Aircraft Division
    4th Anti-Aircraft Division
    5th Anti-Aircraft Division
    6th Anti-Aircraft Division
    7th Anti-Aircraft Division
    8th Anti-Aircraft Division
    9th Anti-Aircraft Division (lost entirely at the Battle of Stalingrad)
    10th Anti-Aircraft Division
    11th Anti-Aircraft Division
    12th Anti-Aircraft Division
    13th Anti-Aircraft Division
    14th Anti-Aircraft Division
    15th Anti-Aircraft Division
    16th Anti-Aircraft Division
    17th Anti-Aircraft Division
    18th Anti-Aircraft Division
    19th Anti-Aircraft Division
    20th Anti-Aircraft Division
    21st Anti-Aircraft Division
    22nd Anti-Aircraft Division
    23rd Anti-Aircraft Division
    24th Anti-Aircraft Division
    25th Anti-Aircraft Division
    26th Anti-Aircraft Division
    27th Anti-Aircraft Division
    28th Anti-Aircraft Division
    29th Anti-Aircraft Division
    30th Anti-Aircraft Division
    31st Anti-Aircraft Division
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    Default Re: List of German divisions in World War II (wikipédia) / List of Foreign volunteer units of the Wehrmacht (wikipédia)

    Very informative and showing the complex make up of the German forces, but they have missed one that i can see, The SS British Free Korps amongst the foreign volunteer groups

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    Default Re: List of German divisions in World War II (wikipédia) / List of Foreign volunteer units of the Wehrmacht (wikipédia)

    Very interesting and informative but the only thing this thread has to do with this particular subforum is that all the soldiers within those units wore...combat uniforms !

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    Default Re: List of German divisions in World War II (wikipédia) / List of Foreign volunteer units of the Wehrmacht (wikipédia)

    Most of the Foreign Volunteer units are missing and i agree i'm not sure why it is posted here ???
    The gates of hell were opened and we accepted the invitation to enter" 26/880 Lance Sgt, Edward Dyke. 26th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers , ( 3rd Tyneside Irish )

    1st July 1916

    Thought shall be the harder , heart the keener,
    Courage the greater as our strength faileth.
    Here lies our leader ,in the dust of his greatness.
    Who leaves him now , be damned forever.
    We who are old now shall not leave this Battle,
    But lie at his feet , in the dust with our leader

    House Carles at the Battle of Hastings

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    Default Re: List of German divisions in World War II (wikipédia) / List of Foreign volunteer units of the Wehrmacht (wikipédia)

    thanks for say that the foreign list is not complete. I posted this just to show the forum members a curiosity that I thought that was interesting, but if the owners of the forum think that it is a waste of time, I would not mind if thread was deleted.

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    Default Re: List of German divisions in World War II (wikipédia) / List of Foreign volunteer units of the Wehrmacht (wikipédia)

    I will delete the foreign volunteer list.

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    Default Re: List of German divisions in World War II (wikipédia) / List of Foreign volunteer units of the Wehrmacht (wikipédia)

    Quote by Canuck63 View Post
    Very interesting and informative but the only thing this thread has to do with this particular subforum is that all the soldiers within those units wore...combat uniforms !
    hahahaha thanks for the reply.

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    Default Re: List of German divisions in World War II (wikipédia) / List of Foreign volunteer units of the Wehrmacht (wikipédia)

    Quote by davejb View Post
    Very informative and showing the complex make up of the German forces, but they have missed one that i can see, The SS British Free Korps amongst the foreign volunteer groups
    Yes! it was in the list, but I might deleted it unintentionally. THanks for the reply

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