Hi all,

I'm looking for information on an officer who was, allegedly, officer in the 116. German Windhund Panzer division. He was in the 226th infantry panzerjaeger first, got wounded, was reassigned to the 116th then and got promoted to lieutenant.

The guy I'm talking about is Ernst Theodor Crunz, or some such (can't spell his last name exactly).

He was taken prisoner at the end of the war (for a duration of several years) and had to dismantle mines in Holland.
He was taken prisoner in Mont-Houffalize in Belgium and returned there afterwards. He became peasant and married a Belgian girl.

He was born and raised in Köpenick in Germany. This is all I know about him. Would like to find out more...

I know he was in the communication or Nachrichtenabteilung of that particular division, being the 116. Possibly the 228. Nachrichtenabt. I'm pretty sure he was some kind of telephone man.

Information is appreciated!!!