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Manufacturing The Iron Cross

Article about: Here are a few images of a maker crafting a iron cross , if you have some more please post here , would love to see more .

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    Im suprised the fakers arnt out there faking these dyes lol

    Great pics by the way! Love to see ones of daggers being made too but i dont think any exist

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    Same with cast bronze , after a pour the quality of the metal deteriates so ideally re cycled metal is topped up with a fresh ingot . I got sculpture cast from rec eycled bronze which is fine but not so great for detalled work.


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    Another very informative thread dragged down the drain. I really enjoyed watchin this when i was drinking my morning coffe.

    Now can someone please explain to me WHY ON EARTH EVERYONE ARE ACTING LIKE CHILDREN?

    We are supposed to study, learn, share experiences. Instead this is turning in to a mud throwing contest, and lets not forget the grammar police. If just "1" letter is written wrong, then it is ofcource taken the wrong way,aaaand is like an written invitation to an personal attack.

    Im disgusted by the retarded way some people turn into as soon as they are safe behind their keyboard.

    Now, lets see how quickly my post turn into a "cut&edit" project, instead of inspiring all of us to work together.

    its MY photos.. Nooo Its my photos... My daddy is stronger than yours.... Noooooo he AINT... (Throwing a bucket of sand in the other kids face)
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

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    I have been a member of a few different forums and these pictures
    have been posted on most of them. No matter who originally did the research
    to find these very nice pics, they are part of the public domain now and the ones posted
    here could have been lifted from any number of places.
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    myself around.

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    manufacturer which can be?...

    and ended up here ...

    Manufacturing The Iron CrossManufacturing The Iron CrossManufacturing The Iron Cross

    The Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow

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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    Wouldnt it be nice to have some of those coining dies in your collection?

    Sad to think they probably all ended up in landfill.
    I'm glad they were destroyed , if these machines even exist today and asked more iron crosses , no longer make sense for me to collect

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