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Massacre at Wereth,Belgium

Article about: I caught part of the documentary Mr Coleman referred to. It was very informative. A sad event regardless of skin color. We all bleed red.

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    Default Massacre at Wereth,Belgium

    There is a article in the USA Today (11-8) that tells the story of 11 black Americans that were killed by the SS on Feb.15 1945. I have never heard of this incident. This all happened on or around the same time as the Malmedy Massacre. The article goes on to speculate that the murders were race driven.Is there any documents are records that support this . A good article don't miss it. Cheers Operaman

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    There is a hour long documentary on this event which is shown on the Military Channel in the USA. In fact, it was shown last evening. The men had been taken in on Christmas day by a Belgian family. A neighbor informed on them and the SS came and took them prisoner. When the bodies were found by US forces, they showed signs of having been tortured before being killed. A very sad event that was likely not given much press at the time due to the racism that was prevelant then.


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    I will have to be on the lookout for a rebroadcast,thanks for the information.

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    Not a great deal of info on the net but the massacre is the subject of a film The Wereth Eleven (2011) - IMDb and there is some info on wikipedia 333rd Field Artillery Battalion (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hard to say for sure if the massacre was racially motivated, but i'd put money on it being so due to the way the poor guys were killed. I reckon if it had been a case of the SS being in no position to take prisoners they would have just been shot, there seems to to been some sadistic pleasure taken in their executions.
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    Link to the news feature mentioned above.

    Account of black soldiers killed by Nazis coming to light
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    I'd say the 'speculation' of the article was more than likely to be accurate. SS troops are not likely to have treated an isolated group of black soldiers very fairly at all. All too easily done when you buy into the bullsh*t ideology and you believe your enemy is a dog.

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    Sadistic treatment by SS men?! I'm shocked!

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    I had seen the film. It was a sad event. I wonder if the people that told the SS about them lived to tell on anymore in the area. No wonder a lot of the SS were shot on sight and not taken prisoner during these times.
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    There was a programme on the 'Yesterday' freeview channel here in the U.K. about this very incident in the last few months, it was repeated several times, i'm suprised no one here saw it.
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    Embarrassed to say that I've never heard of this particular event...Thanks for the link.
    cheers, Glenn

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