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ME 109 wreck dive

Article about: Hi guys i have just come back off holiday in Crete and had the good fortune to dive this while i was there. It lies 26m deep, the pilot was on his way back from Egypt and had to ditch becaus

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    Good video. Laying there so peacefully for so many years. One would almost not think about the last half hour or so before she came to rest.
    Doubt that was very peacefull. Thank you.

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    nice one ronnie looks amazingly clear down there


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    Great experience Ronnie and Glenn.
    In which area of Crete is this plane located?
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    Donkihotis it was located off the coast between Malia and Hersonissos ........i think thats the right spelling its not to far off the coast but there has to be no wind otherwise they wont dive it,
    cheers Ronnie

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    Thanks for the info Ronnie
    Looking for the photo albums of Leutnant Emil Freitag, 3. / G.R. 377

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    Quote by 85ronnies View Post
    Glenn i am with you on the shipwrecks there is something different about planes, this is only the second plane i have ever dived, also like you say a nice comfortable depth sounds like you have done some nice dives also i have done plenty of shipwrecks here in the uk and abroad my deepest wreck dive was 58m with 3ft viz (not the best), nothing like your 70m but i still havent got around to doing scappa flow, maybe next year
    didn't get any sovenirs of her as there were three german divers with me and it just felt wrong Ned i had a great time thank's and i am not sure about what model it is but i will try and find out. I am trying to find out who the pilot was as i have heard thet he was an ace so i will get back if i find out, thanks for all your comments guys
    cheers Ronnie
    I am with both of you! Planes are just something else and myself being a plane enthusiast just makes it that much better!! I would recommend diving the Island of Truk(chuuk) not only will you see 76 different ships but 15 different Japanese planes with great visibility. I will post some pictures soon. But I have not dived that dive in Crete, but it looks great, thanks for the post. We should all go do some dives as a group some where.

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    I always planned to dive Truk when I was living in Australia, now I only dive when I go on vacation somewhere nice as the diving in Qatar isn't worth the bother. Someday i'll get to Truk. I look forward to your Truk photos!

    As a Truk anecdote I know people who have dived there and apparantly years ago the Japanese sent teams to recover all human remains. The cluey dive operators in Truk hid a few skulls that they dig out for the dive groups to photograph before hiding them again. Unethical but entrepeneurial I have to say!

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    I dive aswell, but have never gotten the chance to dive something that incredible! There's a sunken p38 off the coast here in CA, but it lies in 130 feet of water (39.6 meters), and although i am certified by PADI as advanced open water, i lack the experience of deep water diving to descend to that depth!


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    I certified up to Dive Master with SSI and if what I know of PADI (Put Another Dollar In) is correct, your advance open water is only certified to 30m (100ft)? Regardless, only dive to your comfort zone, stress loading coupled with narcosis at depth is a dangerous combination.

    I can honestly say just before my deep dive in the Solomons there were some very quiet, reflective divers on the boat, me included! Mind you, after the dive (and 45 minutes in deco) the feeling was euphoric!

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    Well, the advanced course booklet and my instructor state that 100 feet is the optimal depth for general diving, i have been told by more seasoned divers than myself that the AOW training is adequate to descend to 130 feet but no further. I have no experience at that depth, because 90% of my diving has been non deco required other than the normal surface interval.

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