Have compiled a list of the best war books I have read. These are packed with action and some grusome details. Members that read these will not be disappointed. Again check Amazon for used copies to save money and buy used ones that are out of print. Babi Yar executions around Kiev. 2. Masters of Death by R. Rhodes 3. The Retreat by M. Jones 4. Inferno Bombing of Hamburg by Lowe. 5. Men of Steel by M reynolds 6. Lost Victories by Manstein 7.Sharks of the Air by J. Harvey. 8. manstein by B Lemay. 9 No Quarter by R. Slotkin which is a civil war book dealing with the Crater battle in Virginia for those interested. Think you will certainly enjoy these titles. I mentioned Ostkrieg in earlier post but cannot stress this one enough for the beginner or veteran. i will try to answer questions pertaining to content. hope you all enjoy.