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My Wehrmacht Friend

Article about: Thought I would share some photos of me and my good friend who served in the Wehrmacht during WW2. He was originally in the Luftwaffe, but later transferred to the Wehrmacht. He fought on bo

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    So sorry for the loss of your friend. It is important to know that your friendship brought a smile to his face and a lifetime of memories for you to honor him.

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    Sorry to read of your old Landser friend passing. At least his battles are over and he can walk with his old kameraden once again.

    Rest in Peace.

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    Just spent half an hour enjoying reading this thread and then came across the news of his passing: very sad, my condolences to his daughter and wider family

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    I apologize for the late response. I had a lot of work to do recently, and then I went on vacation for spring break. Just a few days after informing you guys about my friends passing, I attended his funeral. His family welcomed me with great kindness, and treated me like one of there own. The badges I gifted him were on display at the entrance, and to my surprise I was actually mentioned in the pamphlet they handed out to the people who attended. They called me his adopted grandson. I didn't have the courage to say the speech I wrote, as I knew I would break down in the process of reading it. So the pastor gladly read it for me. All in all he had a good funeral, and many friends who loved him attended. I just want to let MAP know that I gifted the badges that were meant for my friend, to his daughter. She loved them. I also gave my friends grandson a wound badge from my collection as a way to remember his grandfathers legacy. I thank you all for the condolences, and overwhelming support. I informed the family of my friend about everyone here on the forum, and how you all loved this mans story. They also want to say thank you. The book shown in the display case is one that was written by a family member of his. It shows the complete journey my friend took. Everything from his WW2 days, to his immigration into the U.S. I believe it was released in small numbers. I do have a copy of this book, and I will be more then happy to share with you some stories from it. Thanks again to all of the members that supported this thread. You guys are the reason this forum is so great

    Best regards- Jarret

    My Wehrmacht Friend

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    MAP is online now


    Seems you had a positive impact on your friends life and family. Nothing more important than that.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Quote by MAP View Post
    Seems you had a positive impact on your friends life and family. Nothing more important than that.
    That is very true my friend, there isn't anything that is more important then that.

    Best regards- Jarret

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