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Nazi Atomic Bomb

Article about: This is an interesting thread that Tempelhof has launched, though the claims made, and the sources cited, illustrate the attraction that always attends an alleged revelation of a deep secret

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    i've never head of anything with a 100 year classification. doesn't make sense to me.

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    Let me dig around, but check this out. There was a Barroness (if i recall right) and others on an island off the Mainland of Germany. She spoke of how she saw a bright, blinding light off in the distance. (It's on the tip of my tongue the documentary). Historians went to the place she told of and the ran a Geiger counter over the area. There were indeed some levels of radiation (produced materials). Their conclusion that it may have been a "Dirty Bomb." I know i have the book on this particular subject somewhere. It was called "Hitler's Bomb." It is indeed a possible hypothesis that in fact the Germans were damn close. Its still debated...

    Bear with me here: From memory I recall their was an SS High Ranking Officer who was in charge of the most top secret Nazi projects. He vanished after the war without a trace, but it was known that he was in fact present on these remote islands when the "flashes" did occur. Let me rifle through old materials to see if i can pinpoint this.

    The SS officer's name was Hans Kammler. If you ever dig around on this guy, one will find he was an egnima. Such a high ranking Nazi man who simply vanished and was never officially charged with war crimes. People this high up cannot avoid being charged. Impossible. A true Cold Case File. Here is a good link on him:

    Hans Kammler
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    If you like this sort of thing, you should pick up a copy of Joseph P. Farrel's "Reich of the Black Sun" it, he talks all about Zinsser and Rugen and how the Germans used "weapons of mass destruction" on Sevastopol with the Gustav Artillery pieces and "feul-air bomb shell heads" and had to be told to cease and desist or else the Soviets would have resorted to using poison gas on them, etc etc, etc...And on and on it goes...

    Reich of the Black Sun

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I agree,but I am not making this stuff up.I never heard of any of this until I stumbled onto a site talking about a Nazi A bomb.About the 100 year classification I think there is one on the Kennedy assassination files

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    i guess i'm saying, as one who created, worked with, and destroyed lots of classified files at the absolute highest levels (and i really mean this) i can tell you that a 100 year classification doesn't exist. and if it did, there is simply no intelligence value in a German weapon from our ("our" as in those who won that particular war) perspective in the present day. many, many countries have nuclear weapons. no one dies if that information is public. no intelligent asset or leak is plugged if that information becomes public. it isn't classifiable information at the present time and it's sensitivity at that time, if it required such a classification term, would certainly not in the intervening years and under mandated review it would have been shortened. the process of classification is rigorous and specific as to what is classified and what is not and this (i speak from experience) would not rise to the requirement for such handling and especially not to the level of "Top Secret" with an unheard of 100 year term. these things (classified materials) or subject to DECLOADR and review at terms much shorter than this.

    it doesn't mean that any of the rest is true or untrue. i don't know. i'm just putting that out there that this classification wouldn't make sense. you can find sources, i am sure, that say it does but i'm pretty sure i'm the best source around here.

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    Sounds like you would know the facts,thanks for the information.Cheers Mike

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    i would know about how this kind of material is handled.

    but i would not know whether the Germans had, tested, or attempted to deploy their own atomic device in WWII.

    not at all trying to speak beyond my experience!

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    As to the Kennedy assasination the last of these documents-about 6000 are scheduled to be released in 2028 but it is very doubtful that they will be released because of the sensitivity they contain.

    Regards Mark K

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    For some fun reading go to Top 10 Lists - Listverse 10 fascinating sealed and secret documents,scroll down to #1 The sinking of the S.S Ancona,a Royal Air force mistake that I have never heard of,but according to this site we will know in 2045.Guess I will have to live to be 101 Cheers Mike

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    When they cover up something or say info won't release it for 100 years someone has something to hide. Deals were cut with the Japanese after world war 2 just like Gestapo chief Klaus Barbie in exchange for info concerning communists. Deal was made with Rheinhard Gehlen to do some spying. If you have info to sell that someone wants its a good way to save your skin in many cases.

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