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Need Advice for my BA Thesis

Article about: Hey there guys, I am going to write my bachelor thesis in the coming months. I am going to compare German anti-partisan doctrines and strategies in occupied Eastern-Europe with US counterins

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    Default Need Advice for my BA Thesis

    Hey there guys,
    I am going to write my bachelor thesis in the coming months. I am going to compare German anti-partisan doctrines and strategies in occupied Eastern-Europe with US counterinsurgency doctrines and strategies in Afghanistan/Iraq. The problem I have is that I cannot find a lot of good documents/books/articles covering the Nazi anti-partisan tactics. Can anyone help me out? I would really appreciate it.


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    Not the biggest topic but I have read some items such as:
    German Anti-partisan Warfare in Europe: 1939-1945 (Schiffer Military History)
    German Anti-Partisan Combat by Bob Cather
    Terror in the Balkans: German Armies and Partisan Warfare

    Some ok websites: Waffen-SS: The Partisan War

    You may also like to look at the ties between Partisan warfare/ identification linked to the Einsatzgruppen

    Hope this helped

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    What is a BA thesis ?
    A thesis is not required for a BA.

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    Also there is very little to compare they are two very different conflicts. Why not address the similarities between Napoleons Russian campaign and Hitlers Barbarossa campaign, sothing with lots of info....

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    Thanks Morris! I will have a look at those sources and keep your suggestion in mind. I do think there are similarities tough. I don't know a lot about the German anti-partisan war yet, but I do know the US has made a lot of mistakes in their counterinsurgency tactics, mistakes that have been made before by the Nazis. I will keep you updates if you like. I need to present the subject for my thesis coming thursday.

    And SteveR, a BA thesis is a very large essay which you have to write at the end of your bachelor in college/university.

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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    What is a BA thesis ?
    A thesis is not required for a BA.
    It is in Europe.

    "The bachelor's thesis is the final paper of the bachelor studies: It is obligatory for all courses of bachelor studies. Here, the students are to show that they are able to work on a problem independently and according to scientific methods. In the course of the internationalization and harmonization of the European systems of higher education, the english term "thesis" has been adopted as the designation for the final paper of a course of studies. Unlike, for example, in the USA, all bachelor graduates have to author a bachelor's thesis in this country. "

    Taken from a German information portal for students [ Der Abschluss - die Bachelor Thesis | ], translation by me.

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    I would like to see your findings Angatta, i wrote my one last year.
    I would not all them similarities in regards to Iraq of Afghanistan. I would put it down to US pragmatism and error rather then the mass indiscriminate killings of WWII.
    You could maybe relate in a micro study.


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    In the UK too it common for BA final year students in the humanities to prepare a long essay, usually known as a dissertation, of perhaps 10-20,000 words.

    It may be worth referring to Philip W. Blood's Hitler's Bandit Hunters: The SS and the Nazi Occupation of Europe (2006). I have the book but haven't got around to reading it.

    I suspect that there may be many useful academic articles on this topic - if he has not already done so, the OP should search the relevant databases. If he can read German as well I'd guess that there are plenty of articles in that language too. Unpublished PhD theses are worth seeking out too - in the UK most of these can downloaded FOC via the British Library (British Library EThOS - Search and order theses online). The book I referred to just now has a bibliography of 20 pages, so I don't think there will be any shortage of things to read!

    As a research strategy, I would favour beginning with the most recent scholarly books and articles and leaving internet research to later, time allowing. Although there is an oceanic quantity of information on the 'net, it is best to begin with reliable (ie peer-reviewed sources) so as to be better able to discriminate between good and bad.

    Hope this is of some help,


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    How is the thesis verified ? Not to be contentious just not familiar with the European system.
    Do you go before an orals board and discuss it ?
    In the US a research paper with references required in your senior year and is graded but it is not called a thesis.
    The term thesis in the US is used at the graduate masters level and you go before an orals board to verify and justify your position. If 1 person on 6 person panel gives you a thumbs down you do not get your degree even if you have a 4.0 grade level. Your $hit out of luck. You must reapply for the masters program and do it again. Similar for the doctorates post graduate degree except you do a dissertation which is put under a tougher standard than is used at the graduate level.
    I realize that I am being boring but the subject of education is interesting to me and I am not familiar with the European process.
    Well I can hear the snores so I will shut up.
    Thanks for your patience.

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    The Germans used squads of Soviet POW's mixed with Germans or German speaking personnel in the anti partisan war here in Russia. The POW spoke Russian of course and knew how to get behind their own lines and back again. How the Germans made the POW's do it don't know. There are also examples of Germans dropping these squads by parachute from Soviet captured airplanes. On more than one occasion FLAK crews shot these down by mistake.

    Regards, Lars

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