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Operation Cerebus 'The Channel Dash'

Article about: by Scout OT I know, but speaking of docks; I always thought Op Chariot exceptionally devious. St Nazaire is another absolutely fascinating and couragous raid !! Nick

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    Thats my favourite too.

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    But she does have a lovely tropical retirement spot.
    + she has a pleasent mellow glow about her at night.....

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    As I see it it was a case of extreme bad weather, whereby Bomber Command could not operate to their full ability, the distances involved as all three ships were sailing close to the French coast and had a vast amount of German Air cover, Faulty radar equipment and heavy jamming, although PT boats were despatched and fired torpedos it was at a 2 mile distance as they were under heavy attack from the air, the coastal defences at Dover were unable to get the correct ranges on the ships because of bad weather, although six Swordfish attacked the ships all six aircraft and their crews were lost, but in effect all three ships were out of the fighting in the Atlantic because they were now trapped in Germany and this was seen as a sort of victory, to say it was a bad day for the Royal Navy alone is'nt stricly true, there were other services involved and a combination of factors that hindered them
    It didnt help that due to faulty radars on their aircraft, coastal command didnt spot the ships until they were aproaching the Straights of Dover !


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    + she has a pleasent mellow glow about her at night.....
    ...and the local marine life have two heads
    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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