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A question relating to stamped banknotes.

Article about: Hello, I have a question pertaining to stamped banknotes. I have come across many of these, especially on Ebay, and I was wondering, are they legit? I have purchased a rather in-expensive ba

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    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your contribution to the thread. Would you care to share any images of your ink stamps with us? Genuine examples are always of great interest.


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    Just like most things ( SS rings, etc ) from the Third Reich
    period which are being faked, the majority of stamps
    one sees are also bogus. Very few original - or at
    least convincing - stamps out there.

    Indeed, the notes are real - but as William stated a few
    posts ago, there is no need for skulls, SS runes
    or military eagles on paper money.

    I'd love to see those stamps too.........


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    Hello rmzeyzein and welcome to the Forum! No one has said that there never were any Nazi ink stamps-there certainly were, of course, as the Germans were always stamp-a-holics, but as for any stampings on Currency? Nope. Genuine ink stamps for Documents and such were all over, but it is getting rare now to see a genuine piece anymore. And if one Does come up for sale, inevitably some thief will buy it and start stamping everything in sight with it to sell as "rare Nazi stuff". We would, naturally enough, be certainly happy to see your known genuine stamps! Please do post them!

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