Im sorry if this is somehow in the wrong thread.

Me and my brother this summer bought an old wooden fishing vessel here in norway. We knew almost nothing about it except the last owner and that it was built in 1893.
We are currently rebuilding it (quite a job).
So we started tracking down history on it thanks to fishery numbers.

And now i stumbled upon something on google.
A list of german auxiliary patrol ships which contained the fishery number of our boat and its name. What i can understand from the list our boat was listed as an auxiliary "Nebelträger" in a fjord.
Does anybody know what the function of a nebelträger is?
I know from the little german i remember from school that nebel is fog and i think träger means to pull or carry.
I do not think our boat was ever taken into "service". I think this was just a list of boats in "backup"

Could a nebelträger have been boats that would lay down a smoke blanket in case of enemy planes?
The wierd thing is that when i google it i dont really find anything else then other boats listed as nebelträger. No definition of what it is.

Im very exited by this. We all knew this boat had history (its been trough both wars) and was a fishingboat of considerable size in its time. So its fun to find some traces of it in war history (if you can call it that).