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Returning German POW - Family Photos

Article about: Hi Gents - I hope I am posting this in the correct forum section. I have a few photos that some might find interesting. The 1st photo I had seen before, but I just recently found several mor

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    Default Returning German POW - Family Photos

    Hi Gents - I hope I am posting this in the correct forum section. I have a few photos that some might find interesting. The 1st photo I had seen before, but I just recently found several more of the same set while looking thru some boxes of my Great Aunt's items.

    The 1st picture is dated 1947 on the reverse, and is of a relative that was a German POW and this is shortly after he returned home to his wife and family. His name is August Bender. All I ever was told is they did all they could do to surrender to the Americans and get away from the Russians, which we all know was a common theme. 2nd photo is with wife and his mother. 3rd photo is a picture of Great Grandparent Aunt and Uncle and Grandmother. This photo is in August's home and was sent to them by my Great Aunt - ties this all together for me.

    His wife sure does look happy that he has returned home, but I can't help but notice that distant stare he has...looks like he went thru a lot in the war. He is also very thin in my opinion.

    I have a few other letters and photos including a postcard from him to my Great Grandfather dated late 1950. His spirit sounds much better and he could write in good English.

    I have been doing some online research as I would like to find out his service record etc. Have made some headway but no full answer yet.

    Cheers, and hope you find this interesting like I do.
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    Personal family histories are always nice to see.

    I also noticed that his arm is in hers - as if she
    is supporting him - where usually, the woman
    takes the man's arm. So he could indeed be
    somewhat weaker than his former self.........


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    Jeff, As you may know, War is hard on most families.. Especially if your' on the losing end and have sacrificed all for naught... He was at least able to survive and return to his wife and relatives..
    I only can wish your research can obtain more answers than questions... G

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    Very interesting Steve, I did not notice that. I could not stop looking at his countenance - he looks like he is somewhere else.

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    In early 2012 I sent an email and the 1st photo to the Military Archives in Freiburg, Germany. I did not expect too much really. 3 weeks later I received a response from a historian there. It was in German, I could make out some of it and a German coworker filled in the blanks. Basically, his name is rather common and without city and date of birth she could do no more.

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    keep trying.

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    I will, for sure. In fact, the key to this is the Doll shown on the right side of the 3rd photo. My Aunt gave it as a gift to his daughter, and I have a letter from the daughter from the mid 1980's where she states she has passed the Doll to her young daughter. Long story short, the young daugthers name in mentioned in the letter. So, I took that name and the German town on the envelope and searched the German online telephone book recently. I got a direct hit, same name, same town and she'd be about the correct age etc. Next, I need to decide how to approach her on this subject. If I can get this date of birth and other info I can then go back to the historian at the Military Archives in Freiburg...wish me luck

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    You can sure tell by his face he's been through a lot!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Default Family

    Jeff, How exciting to track down relatives and maybe some photos from them..
    It would be cool as H#*l if you find them... G
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    I think it's her G. Wish me detective luck!

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