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Rudolf Hess's life sentence?

Article about: I know this may have been asked before, but was just curious. I know Rudolf Hess was given a life sentence for his involvement in the NSDAP and Third Reich. I know he flew to Scotland in May

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    Hess flew to Scotland in May 1941 however the first experimental gassing with Zyklon B of Russian PoWs in the cellar of Block 11 at Auschwitz I did not take place until August 1941.

    The mass transports of Jews deported to Auschwitz for extermination did not commence until early 1942 folowing the Wannsee Conference of February 1942 and the decision to enact the "The Final Solution to the Jewish Question" therefore Hess played no part in the Wannsee decision making of the "Final Solution" and the exterminations at Auschwitz and other death camps. He also played no role in the mass murders that followed the German invasion of the Soviet occupied territories of Eastern Europe and in the USSR as he was already in Scotland when these atrocities were being perpetrated.

    However there is no denying that Hess as a key figure in the politcal process that ultimately led to the mass murders and exterminations was guilty of crimes against humanity if not genocide.
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    Was it ever established, I wonder, that Hess was a rabid anti-Semitic? I don't recall if he was, or was he just a loyal Hitler boot licker who would do anything for him? Yes, he was, of course, instrumental in assisting the NSDAP come into power, but was he any more so than the powerful political backers of the time such as Krupp, Von Papen, Ludendorff and the rest? Hess was a very strange man and I imagine his case and culpability will be debated long after we are all gone.

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    Ooops, posting late at night....should have read Speer not Hess:
    "Had some of the documents that surfaced later been available at his trial concerning his knowledge/complicity in the deaths at Auschwitz then Speer would have hung. He was a clever man, and his sanitized diary doesn't tell the 'whole truth'.

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