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Shooted POW's at Eismeerfront, Then and Now

Article about: Then and now. Two of the Soviet soldiers from the reconnaisance unit of 135 rifle regiment, most probably mortarmen, (due on the picture at left side one soviet 50-mm visible) who was impris

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    If they played dead then fired on troops would not justify execution, this is acceptable under the rules of war, unfortunately what this escalates to is putting a bayonet or bullet into all fallen enemy you encounter. If defenceless wounded were executed then I can understand the anger;
    although this punishment would have needed to be determined by a legally convened military court to comply with the Hague or Geneva Conventions.
    As mentioned by other members, totally impracticable in the field, sadly left open to blood-lust and retribution.

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    It's terrific that the family of this bloke now, at least, knows exactly where he was killed and now has a body to bury. I really the other bloke can be identified somehow.

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    Yes, hopefully there is the potential for closure now and a greater understanding of how and why they died.

    For me personally it emphasises the futility of war...

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    Wow, these men went to their impending death very bravely. William makes a good point. At the front, especially far up steep mountains , this would not be easy to take prisoners. The Germans looked pissed off too. Maybe they lost a few comrades from the mortar fire and they wanted revenge.i suppose All is fair in love and war, as they say..
    Good thing one of the soldiers black caddy was found, and especially good it was filled out! Most considered it bad luck to do so.

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    Amazing pics of the rock formation then and now.

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    Quote by Paul E View Post
    Yes it's interesting that quite a few of the Gebirgsjager are pointing at and past the Russian soldiers in a clearly agitated way as though accusing them of something !! The confusion and fog of war in action !
    Indeed, it is quite chilling and telling, something a image doesn't always show. Thank you for posting this Dimas.

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    Holy Moly! Impressive and i am speechless...

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