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Small gift for the forumís members

Article about: Iím offering some phone bottom plates from pre WW2 just in case someone is interested. I know itís not big or something special but Iíd rather see them in the hands of a collector than being

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    Default Small gift for the forumís members

    Iím offering some phone bottom plates from pre WW2 just in case someone is interested. I know itís not big or something special but Iíd rather see them in the hands of a collector than being melted for metal. The story is like thisÖ
    A friend of mine works in the recycle project and he found a box with about 50-60 old metal bottom plates from black dial telephones. He contacted me and I got them all.
    The plates are black with various levels of damage from almost unused to heavy used. Some of the paper manuals are damaged and some are minty. The same goes for the writing and for the 4 legs. The box contained also a smaller box with new legs.
    All plates were made from Siemens before WW2 and after Hitlerís rise to power. So the years are from 33 to 39.
    I donít care to keep them all and I most surely donít want to make a profit out of them so I will offer them to this forum for free!! I would love to know I have contributed to someoneís collection out of nowhere and have helped preserve something that would have been melted away.
    So if you or a friend is a vintage phone collector or you want to build a pre WW2 desk theme ooor whatever just ask me for one or moreÖ Tell me the year you want and I will check if I have and in what condition! I will even add legs if they are missing from the plate or are destroyed.
    My only request is that the ďbuyerĒ covers the shipping costs for the parcel and nothing else!

    Ps1 I donít know the exact place to put this thread to so I will place it under the history and research of the Third Reich and WW2.
    PS2 If possible I would like to know more about these phones from that era so if anyone knows more please send me some info!

    Michael Xenikakis

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    A very kind gesture!....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Thank you Gunny! It's always nice when someone offers you something you treasure so I thought why not offer this to the forum that has helped me the most...

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    nice thing to do.

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    Good on you!!!!!


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    I find this typical of the fine people that are members or ones that are regulars on this great site. Gent's that are willing to give to others when there is no profit to be made.
    Your a damned good man Michael! CampX(Dean I count you as one of those)
    This is the reason that I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!
    Semper Fi

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    Thank you guys! Thank you for your kind words! I think that what matters the most is how much do we love that period and what are we willing to do in order to offer the most to those that share the same feelings as we do on the same thing... I've found tons and tons of information about the period I love and I'm in many ways connected with in this forum.
    I know my offer is not that valuable but it is a small contribution in our 'saving' and 'research' thing that is going on here!!

    Is there anyone in this forum that knows about these black phones that were used back then? I would love to ask him some questions about it...

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    Hello Michael,

    just stumbled over this thread in connection with the alleged Hitler phone on sale presently. I have a few vintage telephones, the oldest are "W 28" - to which the bottom plates you offer(ed) fit. I don't know too much about these phones but I if you are still interested, ask your questions anyway. Perhaps I can answer them (or at least consult some German homepages dealing with these phones and try to get an answer there).

    Love Crete by the way. Chania, Rethimno, Paleochora, Kissamos, Ierapetra, Sitia, Chora Sfakoion with the Samaria gorge, Elafonissi, Agia Irini, Akrotiri with Arkoudiotissa .....
    I hope some day times will get better for me again and I can come back together with my wife who made me love your island.
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