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some one see german gold train?

Article about: what happend with german gold train in poland???

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    Quote by greatwhite View Post
    Good story line for a movie, almost like Raiders of the lost Ark.
    Too bad the title "Indiana Jones and the Phantom Train of Doom" has already been used for the TV series.
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    Who knows with what they will come one day!
    Train found......., but no gold. Then they will buy lots of golden paint,
    and with that they will give an old train a new color: gold! Then there
    is a golden train, or not?

    some one see german gold train?
    "Wir sollen auch unser Leben für die Brüder lassen" (1.Joh.3.16):
    zum Gedächtnis Wilhelm Schenk. Er starb fürs Vaterland am 13. Juni 1916

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    This thread made me think of the great song Hear My Train A Comin' by Jimi Hendrix , the best guitar player ever.
    Listen to it and enjoy

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    Results of big dig for Nazi "gold train" revealed

    Semper Fi

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    What, nothing at all? No hidden treasures? No amber room filled with the Rhinegold? Not even a lousy waggonload of Nazi zombies? Gee, what a disappointment...

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    Goodness. At this junction I feel it is time for this oldie but goodie...Take a ride with Uncle Joe at the Shady Rest and enjoy babes in the water tower. Who needs Nazi Gold. Awwweee you know you want to. Enjoy!!!

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    Maybe This is where Cat Stevens "Peace Train" disappeared to....I always wondered...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Well at least that small town near by got a big tourism boom. From what I read they were in need of the money.
    We have met the enemy and have learned nothing more about him. I have, however, learned some things about myself. There are things men can do to one another that are sobering to the soul. It is one thing to reconcile these things with God, but another to square it with yourself. - Robert Leckie

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    Richter and Koper should be arrested and fined the $37,000....Con Men...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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