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sven hassel books fact or fantasy

Article about: by hucks216 I think the first one (or 2) is based on fact but the rest are pure fiction. You're right, The first one (Wheels of Terror i think) was based on real life events. He was a Dutch

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    As said by other people here i think the first couple of books may have been based on facts, but all i can say for sure is i enjoyed them all!...
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    have just joined the forum and saw this link..oddly i showed 3 pics supposedly of Sven Hassel to a friend ..he is a facial recognition expert with a uk police force and he came to this conclusion.... he is 98% certain they are the same man..the only slight differences were the width of the face and the eyes in one pic..he concluded the differences were due (most likely) to diet (the face) and strain (the eyes) . he also looked at the pics on Hassel's website supposedly showing porta,tiny ect ect... he was 85% sure they showed the same men in each pic.... the difficulty was in picture quality..the age of the photos.the light and what they were wearing.. made it impossible to be any more certain than 85% .. i should add he has no interest in ww2 and has never heard of Sven Hassel or read any of his books.. i also asked , a few years back an ostfront vets impression of Guy Sajer and his book 'the forgotton soldier' . his views on the subject were very interesting ... hope this is of some interest ..

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    The characters were all fantasy so couldn't resemble anyone !!
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    Hey welcome to the Forum, that's quite a thread revival ;-)

    Never heard of it, checked it out;

    Sounds entertaining, you never read anything from the German perspective... especially if it's all fantasy, I might just have to find a couple of these to round out my book collection

    I wonder if any made it to audiobook?

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    iv wondered since if Hassel aquired a collection of photos from a vet at some point and used these to embellish his website... personally iv never really been that keen on his books.. i prefer Willi Heinrich .... who i know was a vet (101st jager division) .. whether or not Hassel ever fought anywere is open to question .. some say he did some say not ... personally i doubt it ... i would like to know who's photos he 'aquired' ..i bet he had a tale or two to tell ...

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    there are loads of books from the german perspective .im currently readin 'black edelweiss' ... so far so good .

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    the characters may be fantasy but the photos on his website that are 'supposed' to be porta ect are of real people ... i would like to know who they really were .....

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    Quote by paul w View Post
    Wasn't he a Danish volunteer?
    According to his own books, he was born in Denmark to an Austrian mother and so qualified for service in the Wehrmacht via his linneage

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    Its good to see this one is still alive and kicking i'm not sure there will ever be a definitive answer but most who read them find them a good yarn and if it keeps the memory alive in the young i'm all for it, long may they stay in print all the best Rob

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    Has anyone seen the film based on the book of his Misfit Brigade ?, i watched it years ago ,lot of wrong things but still worth a watch, The Misfit Brigade (1987) - IMDb

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