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sven hassel books fact or fantasy

Article about: by hucks216 I think the first one (or 2) is based on fact but the rest are pure fiction. You're right, The first one (Wheels of Terror i think) was based on real life events. He was a Dutch

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    I've seen it...absolutely appalling!

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    That's funny I was just looking for a rating on Rotten Tomatoes, sadly there isn't one ;-) It's amazing how low some movies can go...

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    Quote by kradman View Post
    Has anyone seen the film based on the book of his Misfit Brigade ?, i watched it years ago ,lot of wrong things but still worth a watch, The Misfit Brigade (1987) - IMDb
    Not only have I seen it, I have it on VHS tape! Not the best movie I've ever seen, that's for sure but I do drag it out and watch it occasionally. I have not watched it in awhile because I don't know what box it is packed away in since our move.

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    In the Uk this film was put out on VHS as "wheels of terror" I had read all of the novels and awaited this film with baited breath (Wheels of terror being the best book) what a load of tosh it turned out to be ! interestingly the actor playing Sven Hassel was, as a young boy ,The Russian lad that Kurt ,James Coburn, Steiner captures in the classic "Cross of Iron" Cheers Paul

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    I had high hopes for it, too. At least it is better then "Battle of the Last Panzer"! Of course, that isn't saying much...

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    Should anyone have the urge to watch the film it is currently on YouTube

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