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Tiger 131

Article about: Hi all, I am wanting to know as much info as possible about the crew members of Tiger 131 [ bovington tiger 1 ]. There seems to be no knowledge of the crew after the tanks capture by the Bri

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    Any information ,or sensible advice as to the crews history greatfully accepted as i said before.


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    Quote by grimmy View Post
    My Dad (23rd Hussars) was among a group of fitters who repaired the turret of 131 at Longcross Depot in (probably) 1946.

    The story they were told was that after the turret jammed, infantryman climbed aboard and dropped grenades inside. There were no survivors. This is contrary to the accepted account that the crew bailed out.

    That's curious. I had the good fortune to examine every part of "131" at Bovington and I saw no sign of damage from grenades. The floor and storage bins were all in sheet metal which would have been deformed by internal explosions. The paintwork in the turret was original and had no sign of fragment damage.
    The tank had taken one or more hits to the hull roof at the front. The forward ventilator was missing and the roof there had been pushed down and the weld split, damaging the radios beneath. The British teams had repaired this damage later. It is also said that the turret was jammed by fragments. The crew may have judged the vehicle unusable with this amount of damage.


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    I think the thread established the tank mentioned was not '131' at Bovington, and it has been confirmed no internal grenade damage was ever present.
    The actual story behind the capture of this '131' Tiger 1 and the identity/fate of the crew has been written about and speculated upon quite a lot more recently, but this seems to have all been non-factual and has simply caused more confusion.

    I am still keen to know who these guys were and what happened to them. To-date, no nearer to knowing.

    S. :-[

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    The tank at Longross was a King Tiger, not 131. Sorry for the confusuion.

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    There is mention of ' the Unit's War Diary ', so records for the Unit do survive.

    And yet there seems to be no mention,or record anywhere of the crew .


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